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Top iPhone Apps For iPhone 8 Users 2018

Apple continues to get bigger and better with its innovations in the mobile technology and is definitely the market leader right now. Last year, Apple introduced three major iPhones namely iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. All of the new iPhones are doing great and have become more of trendsetters in the industry. So, if you bought iPhone 8 among the latest releases from Apple and are looking to equip it with some of the best apps out there to use in 2018, here we have an entire list of Top iPhone Apps that you must consider this year.

  1. Toca Life: Office

Designed for children specifically, Toca Life: Office ostensibly offers them with some great insights into what the parents have been doing at work all day. However, it’s more of an exciting type of office than the actual setting. Here, kids can dot almost 35 unique characters related to workplace and role-play themselves in office, courthouse, apartment, bank, and rooftop. There are a virtual glass elevator, daycare and even a bank vault that comes equipped with an alarm system as well.

The app allows kids to draw on the whiteboard, print using the computers, create their own superheroes and also discover a little helicopter. It is very much possible that you may want to try the app yourself too once your kid has discovered everything up.

  1. iFile

If managing your files and stuff on Top iPhone Apps has always been a headache for you, you can simply try out iFile iOS 10 and keeps everything organized. However, you may be required to have a jailbroken device for it to work and if you have that then iFile will allow you to gain complete access to the files you have on the device. The concept is pretty much the same as that of the Finder app on Mac. The iFile tool allows for file customization and advanced management of stuff on your iOS device.

  1. ProCam 5

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Even though the built-in camera app on your new iPhone works wonders but you can take it up a notch with this cool camera app. ProCam 5 comes with lots of unique and pro features that you’d definitely love exploring. Though, not the app for minimalists, ProCam 5 has a design that can easily drown you in a wide array of some amazing options. Overall, it’s a very useful app to have on your new Top iPhone Apps. With the main camera, you can shoot in TIFF, JPEG or RAW formats while there is an option to shoot HDR as well. The different modes include burst, slow shutter, night, etc. and there is manual tweaking option for ISO, shutter speed, exposure and focus as well.

  1. Photograph

ProCam app

Capture amazing photographs with the ProCam app and then take your photos up a notch with some great animations. With Photograph+, you don’t really need several stills in a loop to create the desired animation. Rather, just a single photo can be used for creating the desired animation effect by plotting out the arrows for defining movement areas and creating masks for the zones that need to be static.

For iPhone users, it might be a bit fiddly, but it really turns out to be snappy when it comes to zooming. You can also preview animations and fine-tune them whenever you want. There are anchor points as well that can be used when you just do not want the animated areas to simply flow behind the mask. Speed controllers and some basic cropping features also exist as well.

  1. Sky Guide AR

Sky Guide AR

What’s the point of having one of the latest iPhones if you are not interested in experiencing Augmented Reality? But if you do have such an interest, Sky Guide AR is the right place to start. The app allows you to explore night sky by simply using the iPhone you have. As you move the device around, the app will allow you to see stars, satellites, comets, and planets and you feel like they have just come close to your eye. You can also drag fingers manually for exploring at leisure and tapping on the objects to discover more.

The elegance of the app really sets it apart from the iOS contemporaries. Take any aspect of the app, be it illustrations of the constellations or background audio, and it showcases taste. In fact, there is a lot more to explore and you’ll be able to have a better say about it once you use it for yourself.

So, that concludes our short list of top iPhone Top iPhone Apps for iPhone 8 users in 2018. All of these apps are just great and have a lot to offer to users. It’s just the matter of which ones you find interesting and want to use on your new iOS device.

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