Reveal Your Glowing Complexion With Skin Pigmentation Treatment

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Our skin contains melanocyte cells that produce melanin. Melanin gives our skin its color. Whenever melanin is produced in excessive amounts, it leads to hyper Pigmentation Treatment. This results in freckles and dark spots on the skin. This is generally caused due to excessive exposure to the sun, trauma or could be a side effect of certain drugs. Well, this is not a very serious medical condition and many times there are home remedies available to fix it. However, there are cosmetic solutions available for skin pigmentation treatment.

Understand the different types of hyper pigmentation

Once you understand the various types of pigmentation, you can decide the course of action and treatment you would like to take. You can also decide upon the lifestyle changes you would like to make to prevent pigmentation rather than treat it later. Here are the different types of pigmentation

Hormonal fluctuations cause pigmentation. This is a very common condition that is seen during pregnancy. It can also be caused due to thyroid dysfunction or hormone therapy medication.


Another type of pigmentation is called as liver spots or age spots. They are seen on most of the people over 60 years of age. Mostly this pigmentation is caused by exposure to UV rays.

Post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation is usually caused due to skin injury, burns and acne. It could also be caused by the side effects of some other skin treatments.

So, what do you do about pigmentation?

The very first step is to discuss your condition with your dermatologist. He will help you understand which type of darkening your skin is affected with. You will be asked questions regarding your lifestyle and medical history in general. Some of the questions asked will be:

  • What is the level of your exposure to sun? How often do you use sun screen?
  • Current and past medical conditions will be examined.
  • Were you recently pregnant?
  • Did you recently take any birth control pills?
  • Are you on any medications right now?
  • Have you undergone any cosmetic surgery or skin treatments professionally?
  • Have you used sun screen creams recently?

What about my treatment options?

Your doctor may recommend some of the topical applications that contain alpha hydroxy acids.

Well, if these do not work, your doctor may suggest some cosmetic procedures done, such as skin peels that include some acid peels, intense pulse light therapy or laser skin resurfacing.


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