RPL for Immigration

What is RPL for Australian Immigration?

ACS RPL is the process of assessment of skills and knowledge of the candidates who are aiming to migrate to Australia without ICT qualification.

RPL is known for Recognition of Prior Learning which is a description of the document presented for skill assessment by Australian Engineers. It is an occasion to use your actual skills and knowledge to get a legal qualification. RPL is not a learning period, so you don’t have to waste time in learning things you already have skills and experience. 

RPL in Australia is needed for those people who are into the IT sector but not having former IT qualifications.

ACS RPL is the process of assessment of skills and knowledge of the candidates who are aiming to migrate to Australia for a better lifestyle. Meanwhile. ACS(Australian Computer Society) is a leading authority which is capable of ACS RPL Skills Assessment to assess the skills and knowledge of the candidates applying for Australia Immigration. 

If you are from another country(not from Australia) with skills and experience with no degree, then this program can assist ACS for Australia Skilled Migration by tendering an RPL report from Skill Assessment.

You can understand with an example: If you completed B.Tech (Mechanical) in 2008 but your interest is in software-related fields, and you have been working as a Software Engineer since 2008. Right now, you have 11+ years of experience in the IT related field without having a qualification in the IT sector. But, you can apply for the ACS Skill Assessment under the RPL pathway. In this example, ACS will deduct six years of employment experience. But for the standard path, someone holding IT related qualification which is commensurate to Australian Bachelor, ACS will subtract 2 years of employment experience.

ACS shares some requirements that need to be fulfilled before an applicant migrates to Australia. 

If you want to apply for Australia Immigration, you have to produce the best RPL Reports. Remember one thing you have to write with all possible knowledge and skills in ICT related fields. So, this may be a daunting task, choose one of the best service providers associated with this field.

ACS RPL assessment Categories:

ACS RPL assessment

You can apply in any of the two categories for the RPL Skills assessment. 

  1. Applicants with a degree but not ICT in their course. You should have a professional experience of six years in the field of ICT. Your worked area should be relevant to the ANZSCO code(example, System Analyst, Web developer, Analyst Programmer, Software Engineer and many more). You can find more in this list of anzsco code. 
  2. The applicants without having any qualification should have an additional two years of experience in ICT related fields; these two years of experience does not need to be relevant to ANZSCO code.

ACS RPL Skills Assessment Requirements:

You have to tender two project reports, one is initiated in the last five years, and another is the project undertaken during the previous three years.

ACS follows specific requirements for RPL assessment method:

ACS RPL Skills Assessment
  1. You have to understand the details of your visa according to the specifications set by the Department of Home Affairs. 
  2. Select your peculiar ANZSCO Code. Following are the verified ANZSCO codes in Australia.
  3. 3.Fill the application form and then upload all your required documents as certified in PDF format.

If you follow the right procedure for ACS Skill Assessments according to Australian ACS guidelines, then the chances of getting your RPL positively assessed.

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