ACS Ability Assessment

What Are The File Checklists For ACS Ability Assessment?

Documents play a major role while submitting your application. In any case, you submit incomplete documents or miss a document, the skill assessment process might ge

The ICT professionals who are about to submit their application for skill assessment by ACS must ensure that they submit complete documents. The ACS or Australian Computer Society is the official association that conducts the Skill Immigration Process for people willing to migrate to Australia as ICT professionals. 

Documents play a major role while submitting your application. In any case, you submit incomplete documents or miss a document, the skill assessment process might get delayed. The information depicted in the documents must also be 100% true as any misleading information may lead to rejection of the application. 

ACS Skill Assessment Checklist

  1. Colour copy of the identification page of the passport 
  2. Evidence of name change if any
  3. The migrant agent authorization form 
  4. Priority Request application if any 
  5. Education transcripts 
  6. Academic degree or award certificate 
  7. In the case of Microsoft Vendor Qualification, provide the vendor login details 
  8. Educational documents for all underpinning qualifications are required 
  9.  Work experience letter on the company letterhead 
  10. Statutory declarations by a third party 
  11. ACS RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) form  
  12. Income tax records 
  13. Payslips that state the name of the employer and the applicant 
  14. Bank statements that show salary transactions from employer 
  15. Insurance evidence that is related to the employer

A few things to take note of while preparing the documents for ACS assessment

  1. Every individual document should be combined into one PDF document. For instance, if your postgraduate qualification documents comprise 2 or more different documents, just combine them together into one PDF document. Similarly, the undergraduate qualification documents will be combined into one PDF document. 
  2. Please keep in mind the quality of documents that you submit. Do not submit a low-quality file that is hard to read or identify. 
  3. The PDF files must not be encrypted. Make sure you are providing the PDF files in a read-only format. 
  4. You do not have to fill up a new application form for different PDF files. All of your documents should be uploaded in one application form only. 
  5. The naming conventions should be self-explanatory. For instance, if you are uploading the PDF file of your passport copy, you can name it as passport.pdf. It is a good way to ensure the ACS assessment authorities that you have uploaded all the documents. But make sure you do not provide wrong names for the PDF files. 
  6. The applicant must go through the ACS Migration Assessment guidelines before filling up the application form. They must connect with their migration agent and seek their assistance if they are applying through a migration agent. 
  7. The name one fills in their application form must be exactly the same as that in their passport. 
  8. Always make sure that you have completely filled every section of the form for ACS assessment. 

Keep this in mind while submitting your degree certificates for ACS migration assessment 

Your degree documents must contain the following:

  • Title of the degree or award is given 
  • Name of the institution or university 
  • Date when the degree completed 
  • Subject names and marks associated with each 
  • If you have presented a research paper in your degree, then you must include an abstract of the research

Keep this in mind while submitting your employment references for ACS migration assessment 

  • The dates depicting the start and end of the employment 
  • The duties that the applicant performed in the job 
  • Number of working hours per week
  • Location of employment 
  • The reference letter must be on the company letterhead
  • The author’s details must be clearly mentioned in the end, with their name, authority and contact details

The ACS assessment process will become overly simplified, once you take care of the documents. Make sure they are in the proper format, contain correct information as per your knowledge, and are in high-quality. Keep the ACS skill assessment checklist handy so that you can collect and submit all the documents in a correct manner. 

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