Tips to Save Money on Cable Bills

Tips to Save Money on Cable Bills

Cord Cutting is a growing movement in the United States. The cable and satellite companies are losing more and more subscribers every day. Whenever we sign up for the cable service, the enthusiastic representative will pitch various packages on discounts. We are lured into signing up for those services. However, after one year, we realize the price was good for only 12 months and the bill skyrockets high. Even after losing subscribers, cable companies still have millions of people who have chosen to stick to it. Why? In some cases, people don’t wish to change and for others, cord-cutting won’t work out in the area. So, how do these people save on cable bills? Luckily, there are many ways you can save on your cable bills. Don’t worry! We have got you covered. These simple tips will help you lower down your cable bill. 

Change your Package 

You must have a basic understanding of your requirements as a user. In the awe of some promotions and discounts, we end up signing for something extra. The prices go up after the end of promotional term and we can’t do anything about that. Therefore, you must reconcile. If you have signed up for the high-tier packages, switch to the basic package if that suits you. This way you’ll be cutting your monthly cost. Check Spectrum tv plans if you’re looking to get an economical package.

Cut down the extra equipment 

A standard cable box will cost you $10 per month roughly. If you have 3-4 boxes at home, that’s $30-$40 a month. Most of us have a box for TV we rarely use. Cut down the service there. You’ll be saving $10-$15 every month by that. Besides, most of the service providers give an option of streaming. You can just get one cable box and stream on the rest of the SmartTVs. This way you’ll be paying monthly rent for just one box. If you don’t have a SmartTV, you can also do it on your tablets, smartphones, and computers. 

Negotiate the package with your provider! 

Multiple promotions are going on all the time. You just have to inquire about your eligibility. Always call your service provider every once in a while to check any discounts for the existing customers. In case there isn’t available, ask them about the breakdown of the package you have. There are always some add-ons in your monthly bill which you didn’t even sign up for or use for that matter. You can take them out. If nothing else works out, plan out a negotiation. No one wants to lose a customer. 

Bundle Services 

Whenever you go to a restaurant, individual dishes will cost you more than the full course meals. You get everything included in the full course and have to pay less. Getting a bundle with internet or landline with your existing cable service saves you a lot on your monthly bill. Check Spectrum TV plans if you’re looking to get an economical cable service. 

Get rid of Premium Channels!

Channels like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz cost you $10 each per month. Cutting these channels down will help you to reduce your cable bill. It’s better to sign up for a streaming service which is as low as $10-$13 per month. You get all your favorite movies and TV series covered and there is no additional fee for that. 

Nix the DVR Service 

Trading in your DVR box for a standard HD receiver could cut $10 and more off your bill. I understand that you don’t want to miss your favorite show. There is a solution for that as well. There’s always a good chance that you can watch it on-demand the very next day. 

Cut the cord!

Lastly, there’s always an option of cutting the cord if you still can’t reduce your cable bill. The streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are slowly taking over the market. You pay as low as $30 for these 3 services which are quite lower than what you pay for the cable. These streaming services have a lot to offer. You can watch your favorite movies, TV series, and even sports subscriptions are being offered. You can pick or drop them as per your needs. 

Final Verdict! 

You’ll be able to reduce your cable bill by following these simple tips and tricks. Remember, if nothing works, cutting the cord is your last resort. 

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