Eating Organic

6 Amazing Reasons to Start Eating Organic and How to Do It Properly

We have singled out topmost 6 reasons why should you start eating organic as of today and hot how to go about it.

Basically, organic food is any type of food that was not treated with pesticides before it reached our digestive system. Modern farming could not be imagined without the use of pesticides so most of the food we intake has these chemicals inside them. Pesticides are harmful to the environment and they are definitely not good for our body. That is why more and more people are turning to pesticide-free food, i.e. organic food. In essence, any food that was grown the old-fashioned way with the extensive use of agricultural measures is considered organic. A home-grown tomato in your back garden is for instance just that: organic food at its finest.

The main thing that drives consumers away from organic food is the price that is usually higher than the one of conventional food treated with all kinds of pesticide. However, once your living standard rises just a little, you should really consider organic because there are numerous benefits to such a diet. We have singled out topmost 6 reasons why should you start eating organic as of today and hot how to go about it.

GMO-free diet

If you are concerned about eating GMO food, then going organic is the easiest way to be sure that your diet becomes GMO-free. The organic food industry does not work with hybrids, so you can rest sure that you are not eating this food that has unfortunately flooded the food market.

Eating Organics

Avoiding pesticide intake

Chemicals our food is sprinkled with getting into our body and stay there for a long time, adding to all kinds of health issues. Many of the pesticides are neurotoxins that have started their life as nerve gases during World War I. From there, their use was adjusted for agricultural use but the fact that they are toxic still remains.

As we have mentioned previously, pesticides have a negative effect on the environment. Especially endangered are animal species which develop cancer if overexposed to pesticides or if they regularly intake food that has been treated by these chemicals. The effect pesticides have on humans has not been researched as thoroughly as the one on animals, but there is no way that they can have a positive effect, to say the least.  If you have reasons to worry about hereditary cancer, then eliminating pesticides from your diet could very well save your life.

Protecting the children

Especially vulnerable to the effect of pesticides are children whose immune system is weaker than the one of the adults. Their bodies are still developing which makes them more susceptible to the devastating effect pesticides have on our organism. Unless they eat organic, school children can experience a decrease in stamina, their hand-eye coordination will deteriorate, and short-term memory will be affected. If you are considering going organic, think first of the children, since they would benefit more from having thrown out pesticides from the menu.

Protecting the children

An organic workout

Besides the high price, many people are concerned that going organic will require them to alter their lifestyle. This is simply not true as organic food is still food, so there is no need to give up on all the delights of eating it. Even professional athletes or people who just like to work out can have a hassle-free organic diet. Numerous companies that produce food supplements, such as True Protein actually boast that their products contain all natural protein supplements. This means they were produced the organic way. In the case of whey protein isolate, this means that cows that the whey came from our free range animals. This natural process of producing food ensures that such supplements are rich in amino acids that enhance muscular recovery. By going organic in the gym, not only are you not depriving yourself of any dietary supplements but you’re actually getting better quality supplements.

organic workout

Supporting small-scale farmers

Pesticides are not an agricultural measure that only large scale-farmers use. Small-scale farmers use pesticides as well but when it comes to growing organic food, there are few large farming companies that would dabble with it. An organic farm is a lot harder to run than a large plantation, so organic farmers rely on high demand for their business to be profitable. That is why organic produce is a bit more expensive but it is definitely worth it. Not only do you get good quality food but you are helping sustain organic agriculture in the process. Encouraged by the money they can make, more and more farmers will start growing organic food, decreasing the need for pesticides.

Doing away with antibiotic

Going organic is not related to diet as there are other lifestyle changes that will need to take effect. Plants aren’t the only one susceptible to GMO. Cows and other farm animals used in the human diet are pumped with hormones to get bigger chunks of meat. This method is far from being described as healthy, as all the detrimental chemicals, such as antibiotics, get into our organism. Milk and meat are most prone to having such steroids inside them. Organic livestock, on the other hand, must be free of any such growth stimulants, hormones, and antibiotics. Like we stated in the example of the whey protein, organic meat and milk are produced on free-ranging farms where there are no needles. This way, organic food leaves a lesser environmental print.

If you decide to go organic, the results of your decision will start being visible quite soon. After just a couple of weeks of not eating conventional pesticide-ridden food, your organism will start functioning more efficiently and you will become healthier.

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