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Season-Wise Packing Tips for your Trip to Toronto – The do’s & don’ts

Packing the right things is very essential to have a comfortable trip. Here is a season-wise breakdown of things you should pack for your trip in Toronto.

When planning a trip, one should pack the clothes and essentials keeping the place in mind. You need to consider the weather, topography, nature of the place (urban/rural) etc while deciding what to take and what not to. On a beach vacation, you need to carry flip-flops rather than boots. Packing a summer dress on a ski trip makes no sense at all. Therefore to pack light, you need to pack right.

In this blog we will give you some helpful packing tips for your Toronto trip, breaking it down to each season.


Just because it is located in the North, does not mean that Toronto is a cold place. It is true that the winters can get quite harsh but the condition stays like that only during the cold months.

Given under is a season-wise breakdown of things that you should and should not pack for your Toronto trip.



Summer in Toronto lasts from May till August. The weather around this time stays fairly hot. It also tends to get humid during these months. However, a light shower during the months of June-July can suddenly make the weather cool and crisp. So you should pack a light cardigan or jacket along with all the summer clothes. It will also serve as a warm clothing option in air-conditioned places.

In clothes, it is best to stick to cool fabrics like cotton, linen, nylons etc. In footwear, you can go for the strappy ones. If you plan on walking and hiking a lot then you need to pack comfortable walking shoes. For a night out in the city, you can add a pair of heels to your luggage.


trip Toronto WINTER

Toronto winters start around November and last till March. It stays windy in the cold months. Therefore, you should carry warm jackets and coats along with scarves, gloves, thermals and winter boots to battle the cold outside. Ladies can carry leggings which work well under long sweaters on warmer days and under jeans on cold ones. Don’t forget to pack long sleeve tops and shirts to stay comfy indoors.


trip Toronto spirng

The weather gets pleasant and stays that way from mid-March till May. Spring in Toronto is very comfortable. If you plan to visit during that time, you should carry lighter clothes such as tops and shirts with shorter sleeves. You can carry a light jacket or cardigan. Switch the boots for something light and airy like sneakers etc.


trip Toronto fall

The fall is the best in Toronto. It lasts from September until the initial half of October. You might get a few spells of rain. There is a slight chill in the air so it’s best to carry warmer clothes and jackets. It is preferable that you pack covered shoes like boots for your trip.

Besides these, you should always carry an umbrella no matter at what time of the year you plan to visit.

So that was it, a season wise breakdown of clothes and shoes that you should pack when visiting Toronto. Hopefully, this will help you pack the right things and have an amazing and comfortable trip.

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