SEO Strategy for Pharma Companies

With the growing use of the internet, it has become necessary for the pharmaceutical industry to establish its presence online. A strong SEO strategy ensures organic traffic to your website. It makes it convenient for doctors, patients and medical professional to your contact your company.

1. Connect With Keywords

A strong SEO strategy requires that you use an accurate and relevant keyword. The words that people use to look up pharmaceutical products on the internet are the keywords you must use in your SEO strategy. You must know what your customers are looking for and then decide on the keywords to optimize. With the use of cliche words, you can use new words and long-tail phrases for optimization. The more the keywords are relevant; it becomes easy to get organic traffic.

2. Let the Content Talk

Keep your website visitors engaged with novel and creative content. Post blogs relevant to medicines, addressing a complex question and providing suggestions to ensure website traffic. Talk about products and services that your company has to offer, with detailed information about the products.

3. Optimize the Meta Data

Make sure to include relevant keywords while updating your Meta descriptions. This way you are attracting organic traffic to your pharmaceutical website. Adding relevant and quality keywords help understand Google what your website is about and directs users to your website. While updating Meta data, do not use big descriptions about a particular product but rather use primary or secondary keywords.

4. Alt Tag Images

What if Google understood your website images without any context? Yet, it doesn’t! Your website images must have alt tags that Google can put into context by Google. This way Google understands what your image and website are about. It also helps consumers find an accurate image for products they are looking for.

5. Optimize For Mobile

Don’t you think you should take your website from desktop to mobile version for better user experience? While people are using cell phones to access information, buy products and communication, mobile optimization has become a thing of necessity. What’s the use if your website is only accessible through desktop and not a cell phone and similar devices? The desktop version of a website takes up too much data, which cell phones are unable to access. Make sure your website is accessible from all types of devices for great user experience. The best way to ensure mobile optimization is to test the website through a cellphone and not a simulator.

6. Links to Keep You Connected

Though internal and outbound linking is usually disapproved in the pharmaceutical industry you must know, how to do it right! Add relevant links to establish credibility. The best way to add links to your website is to turn important keywords into links. Use internal linking when it is relevant and use outbound links to provide more information about a disease to your site visitors.

7. Get Local

When a business is popular in its locality then it proceeds to achieve further success. Once the local population has approved your products, it becomes easier to expand your business. Get started with local SEO by optimizing keywords based on location and relevancy. Other ways you can use to integrate local SEO is to list your business on Google My Business and other online directories. Once you have claimed your business on these portals, encourage customers to review your services and products. Honest and positive customer reviews establish trust.

8. Optimize Your Website

Want to increase website traffic and create a great user experience? The get your website optimized first! Having a website without any relevant content and poor optimization is good for nothing. Your website should at least contain basic information about your pharmaceutical company, services, products, phone number, address and map location.

9. Speed up Your Website

Why test your customer’s patience when you can fix your website and improve its speed? No one wants to wait for forever for the website to load. Then how do you fix a slow website and keep your audience engaged? There are many but simple things, you must do to resolve this. Remove all the unnecessary files and photos your website is laden with. In case you cannot remove such files, compress them instead. Inspect your website, test the speed and fix the broken links, for great user experience.

Though you can use the above methods to boost your pharmaceutical website’s SEO, it’s not a complete list. There are several ways you can use SEO to attract potential traffic to your website. Managing SEO can difficult at times but effective SEO strategy is one of the best ways to receive organic traffic.

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