make a resume for graphic design

How to make a resume for graphic design?

You are a graphic designer and you get a call from a reputed graphic design firm for an interview. The first you have thought before going there is to create a standard well-looking resume for you.

Isn’t it?

When it comes to making a resume for graphic designers, the task has become hard and more challenging than others. Because they have to present their resume differently from others.

In this modern world, getting a job is too hard to choose among thousands of applicants. Moreover, some so many people are finding a graphic design-related job to make a career in this sector.

Well, if you are one of them and you think to design a good resume for your next recruitment, then you are on the right platform here.

Leave others into the back, let’s start to discuss the topic of how to make a resume for graphic design,

What would you need to know before the start?

To make a resume for your graphic design application, you have the knowledge and skills of graphic design. Graphic design is now a wide sector of so much possibility that creates a huge working range for new job seekers.

If you think that you have enough skill to deal as a graphic designer with a company, then you could go for it. But if you haven’t that, you would make yourself ready with some design techniques and skills.

You have expertise in working with Adobe Photoshop and other editing software. Without this, you won’t allow applying for a graphic design vacancy.

For now, make sure this thing that you have enough skills to apply as a graphic design applicant for any agency.

What information should include in a graphic design resume?

When preparing a resume to send to a graphic design agency, you have to put some basic information that comes as different from others.

There are many variations to create a resume perfectly with all the necessary options it needs. You can make a resume in a way you want to look to it but here are some key topics that you must include in a graphic designers resume,

Personal information

Personal information is the first option that you find in all types of resume. The personal information section holds the applicant’s name, father’s name, mother’s name, present address, permanent address, contact number, and other basics.

 You have to add all those information as the same as your national identity cards include. Don’t put any unnecessary options here that will make your resume unworthy.

Your nationality, religion, marital status, and others also should include in the personal information section.


You have to include your educational status or qualification in the resume that you are making. It is mandatory, as you have to show recruiters that you have some degrees and certificates.

If you have any degree in graphic design and other computer skills, then it would help you to get a chance in your targeted field.

Well, it’s a common matter of hesitation that people sometimes get confused when including educational information on their resume. It is because they wouldn’t have a clear idea of how far back they should go when listing their degrees and certifications.

They also ask that if high school certificates are necessary to include in the resume or they just start from college.

In this issue, the best would be to start with your college and then go to the higher. But if you are done with any remarkable task in the school period, then don’t forget to mention that in your resume.

Besides, if you relate to any type of design and craft related activities, you should also include that in this section of your resume.


In your resume, you have some space to mention your skills to give the realization that you are handy in some specific sector. This is so important to resume creating because in the organization you have given the resume, they would also look at such people who can thoroughly go with them.

When a job post is being free, many applicants apply there to get a chance for the seat. In this case, those who have skills the same as the company’s required, they keep ahead on selection.

That’s why, the recruitment you would get to participate in, if you have previous experience to work with a similar post, then you should have to mention that in your resume.

For graphic design recruitment, you have acknowledged Photoshop skills, photo editing, logo design, vector design, and other related skills to make yourself a chosen one.


Besides those above, your resume should include some other options to make the recruiter clear about yourself.

You Gmail, adding a photo in your profile section, previous job titles, and others whatever you want to inform your recruiter.

A link to your online portfolio also works great to tell your online appearance so well.

What works behind a perfect graphic designer resume?

There are two options for this question, one is to make a graphic designer resume with a pre-created template. You will find so many of them if you search on the internet. Vary of design, color, and style, you can choose the best one which may suit you.

The second option is to make your resume on yours. With some great design software like adobe illustrator, InDesign, it is not hard to make your resume.

However, when you are a graphic design expert, there is no need to use a ready template for your resume. It’s better to create your one by yourself, as it shows your uniqueness and professionalism.

Also, you have to present your resume in a way that it can easily attract the attention of the recruiters. There are some pro tips that you would need to follow in this regard. What are they? We are including some of them in your regard,

Design with passion

Many of them go with Microsoft Word to design a resume for graphic design vacancy. That’s not well, Microsoft is a common pick that is perfect for general resumes. But when it comes to the option of a graphic design resume, you have to go with Illustrator or InDesign CC.

Use those to make an outstanding resume for your purpose. They would allow you to present your resume in the way you want. You should save the file in PDF format as it is best.


In your resume, fonts you have used that must be looking so good. Busy fonts wouldn’t be good to use in a resume. Fonts that are light to see but comes strong in view are best to write editorials.

You can also give a pick among Calibri, cambia, Garamond, Didot, Georgia, Helvetica and so on that suits you best.


Colors you want to use on your resume must have a good outlook that works to give the recruiter a positive sign. For your convenience, every color has different impacts on the human mind. So you have to choose one of them wisely.

Moreover, when using colors on your resume, take care to use that and the place where you are using. Because if you use colors in an unplanned way, it won’t work so well. So, be wise in this case.

What experiences should have learned to apply for a graphic design post

This is so related as there you find so many skillful persons with high design knowledge around you. The sector of graphic design refers to so many different skills and sides that you should acknowledge to get a chance in any agency.

You should have a creative mind to make an outstanding design. Here I am including some qualifications to keep one step from others. If you have any of these, you should add that to your resume.

  • Photo editing
  • Logo design
  • Print design (brochures, flyers, business card design, and others)
  • Banners and posters design
  • Vector design

Finally, be more aware when designing your resume. Give multiple trials before applying any option in your resume. Mention your achievements and awards for any type of graphic design activities. The rest will be going to be best if you follow those options above.

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