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Smart Digital Marketing Ideas to Promote Your Website

There’s something new to learn every day in digital marketing. Here are the smart digital marketing ideas, which are integral to promote your website.

We have been stressing constantly on why website marketing is important and why are ideas to promote your website needed, but what comes next? Incubating digital growth strategies come right after setting up an SEO-optimized website. There are different ways to promote your websites, broadly categorized into organic and inorganic marketing.

Organic marketing is a free and natural way of increasing your website’s traffic, while inorganic marketing techniques are paid, which includes online advertisements, promoted search listings, content and paid social media posts. Attributing to the ever-changing medium for digital marketing, it has imparted itself a dynamic character. There’s something new to learn every day in digital marketing. However, there a few best practices, which are integral to the ideas to promote your website.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has been here before businesses knew videos or social media marketing. Content can be creative, informative or engaging depending on the medium. Content marketing strategies can be broadly divided into:

  • Writing blog posts and articles

  • Making videos

  • Social media

  • Email marketing

  • Research publishing

Content is informative and all about driving a conversation with your audience. They can be thought-provoking, humor-oriented or simply entertaining. Content creation can be done in-house or outsourced to a digital marketing company in Gurgaon. The essence of the content must resonate with the target audience.

Smart Digital Marketing

A Business Blog

Every business spends considerable time and money into the research and development of the products they are selling or manufacturing. Sharing your expertise in the market via a blog is a great way to build a loyal audience. For instance, you sell an FMCG product like face wash. Your marketing team can highlight the ingredients, the benefits of face wash, skin disorders caused by pollution and so on through an informative blog.

Video Marketing

Not all your target customers are the same. They vary in their tastes and preferences. They consume information via different mediums. It is ideal to use all mediums to deliver maximum exposure of your business to the target audience. YouTube has become huge in the area of video marketing as more people prefer to watch short videos. Videos also have good Google page ranking than articles alone. Integrating video on to the website homepage is one of the best ideas to promote your website.

video marketing


An email newsletter can be a great medium to keep the customers updated about any new development in your product or service and even reach out to them periodically requesting feedback. Emails can be annoying if not done right. Your business needs to keep the newsletter informative and engaging. Infographics can be embedded into the mail.

Email marketing is very critical at the time of a server breakdown, where you can reach out to your existing customers and target audience directly. Newsletters are a way to direct your customers to visit your website. This can be done by including summaries about new articles or blog posts on your website with links to the landing page with the full article.

Social Media

Social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have millions of users around the world. This medium defies any geographical boundaries and makes your business appeal to a global audience. Social media channels make your content more accessible to your target audience. Your social media profile reflects your brand image and hence considerable time must be spent to make it appealing. Social media gives way to inorganic marketing like paid promotions that will allow you to display your ads or video to targeted audiences via promoted posts. There are multiple demographic parameters, which can be customized while creating the promotional posts to reach out to your intended audience.

Social Media

Display ads and PPC

It is an inorganic method. You can create attractive banner ads and display ads that can be put on websites where your audiences frequent the most. You can join the Google Adwords network in order to display your ad on related websites. Further, your audience will click on the ads if they want to and learn more about your business.

Pay-per-click (PPC advertising) is another way to get more traffic to your website. Unlike display ads, you pay for every click your ads gets. The best practice is to use the most relevant keywords so that the ad gets displayed by the search engine to your targeted audience.


One of the best tried-and-tested ideas to promote your website is using backlinks. Backlinks are important for your website rank on SERPs. The more legitimate the website that link backs to your website, the higher is the rank of your website. Alternatively, you can pay popular websites to host content related to your website – this is called paid content. You will need to do intensive market research to find out which websites your targeted audiences visit and post articles there.

Marketing Linkbacks

Being consistent is the key to increasing your website’s digital footprints. Businesses must invest in SEO and inorganic marketing strategies that are done by any professional digital marketing agency in Delhi, Bangalore or anywhere else. In a world where there are around 3.2 people accessing the internet every day, businesses have a huge opportunity to reach out to them at the right time.

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