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Smart Digital Marketing Trends 2K17

Digital Marketing: Read ahead and analyze the changes that are seen on the horizon which is going to mark the year 2017.

1. SEO Trends

SEO and digital marketing is an ever-evolving field. As the search engine algorithm is improving, the usage of the schema markup is gradually stealing the show. With the changes in the Google algorithm along with the users’ trends, now it is comparatively easier for the search engines to assess your website. The tendency of Google is to improve the ways in facilitating the users. 
As Google’s algorithm and search pattern change, usage of the schema is bound to increase in 2017. Google has been observed to use more of Quick Answers and schema helps in making the context and purpose of the website clear. 
SEO Trends
The organic digital marketing eco-space is constantly expanding. The blog content, user-generated content, and social media contents are all evaluated to decide the rankings. In this context, not only Google, however, the Bing and Facebook’s algorithm would also go through a marked change. Mobile optimization is another trend that would prevail. The phenomenal use of mobile phones and hand held devices outmoded the usage of the desktop. 

2. Social Media Trends

The social media have been rising at a spectacular pace in the last decade. Today, people of different countries and continents are connected through social media. The brands are increasingly plunging into social media like infographics, video, and articles. The power of social media would be used more effectively by the business community in 2017. This would include the attempts to use social media as a conversion channel.
Social Media Trends 

Bottom Line: 

The internet users are on the rise in 2017. The social media population is also growing & would ensure more traffic on social networks. This would certainly give ample space for marketers to market your products and services. Hire a  reliable and professional Digital Marketing agency India, for online marketing management. Such companies have dedicated team of experts, to monitor and manage campaigns of their clients for maximum ROI.

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