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Top 5 Content Writers To Shape Your Content Marketing Strategy

The term ‘content writer’ is not confined to a single or specific format of writing instead it is just very vast. If you own a brand and you want to proceed with its marketing campaigns, you have a number of options to choose from. One is that you can hire freelance writers that can cover all the niches of written and visual content creation at once or you can just find separate content specialists and experts to work with. Content is inevitable and now the online realm cannot function without it. That is why content is key in many aspects so it is better to understand every intricate detail about it beforehand.

To your surprise, Wikipedia page creation services exist, as Wikipedia itself has become a platform where businesses and many other notable individuals have begun to rely on mainly for promotional reasons. Now that you have a brief idea about content creation and its importance, here are the most common writer types that you can work with for shaping your content marketing strategy for the better.

Brand Specialists

Branding experts are of different forms but specialists and journalists are the two most common types of content curators that can help with content marketing and in shaping branding campaigns. However, journalists are the most reliable since they have worked with publications and different magazines already. They know what sort of content is popular on printed media or digital mediums so they curate the content according to it. You would just have to provide a few details and the rest they shall do for you.

SEO Content Writers

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Search engine optimization and content marketing are two forms of digital marketing that are tightly correlated. Whether it is a copywriter or your usual content writers, they should be well versed about the basics or the core tips of using SEO in content creation. If not then you are going to face issues in getting your content ahead to your audience. No brand or business would be able to sustain in the online realm for long if the content quality is not good. The quality should not only be good but it should comply with the standards of SEO for better visibility and search engine rankings.

Writers for Generating Leads

The work of an SEO content writer is a lot different from someone whose role is to bring conversion rates or generate leads. These two roles should never be mixed together since the two are different in many ways. You have to bring your focus firmly on bringing people towards your business or to bring traffic that turns into potential customers later on. SEO content, on the other hand, is about gaining recognition, visibility and online presence in the vicinity of the internet.

Influencer Marketers

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Influencer marketing does not have a lot to do with content creation but is all about digital content or media creation. The digital content includes images, catchy captions and mostly visual content that is very much different from the usual formats of content marketing. Influencer marketing has only one main channel and that is social media. Different influencers having different levels of popularity and fan following can be approached solely for the reason to promote you or your brand. But the field of influencer marketing has become very vast so be smart about choosing an influencer that focuses on your brand’s niche.

Technical Writers

This one might seem more on the technical side but it has its own benefits. Technical writers can be used to gain the attention you need from your customers or users in many ways. Suppose you have made an app and you want to drive traffic towards it. Firstly, your app users should know how the particular app works. For that, the best way to educate them is through a how-guide, an instruction manual or a page for FAQs. This might consume a lot of your effort but it is needed when you have to explain a particular technical detail such as the working of an app or a website in detail yet effectively.


You will never run out of writers to rely on so the list can proceed as much as we can drag it. However, if you have chosen to rely on digital or visual content, you have to align your requirements and you have to know what you have decided to work with a particular type of writer. If you have chosen to work with a technical writer then there should be sound reasoning for it. If the main focus is on social media and mostly related to content that works on social media, you should rely on influencers or all other mediums of content social media sites support.

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