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Want to be a Successful Transcriptionist? Debunk Top Six Myths

In order to flourish as a transcriptionist and enjoy the perks of the profession, the individuals must debunk common myths along with obviously undertaking training.

A large number of modern-day individuals plan on becoming a transcriptionist to relish benefits like decent salary, flexible schedule, knowledge about innovative technological trends, and minimum equipment investment.

Apart from extensive training, to succeed as a transcriptionist, dispelling a few myths is also mandatory. Believing in them can pave the way for a disastrous outcome, thus, client dissatisfaction.

Major ones among the lot include:

Listening to the Audio File Once is Enough

The experts best transcription services for an affordable price said they listen to a recording at least three times before typing. They rewind continuously to make sure they got the contextual data and difficult terminologies correctly. If the audio file is of poor quality, they need to listen to a word multiple times. This is because transcriptionists often request their clients to record be it an interview session or a lecture with hi-tech devices.

Audio Files are Sharp and Transcribed Seamlessly

The top transcriptionists admitted that most of the audio files they received were full of glitches. The speaker speak in a fast pace or there is lot of background noise. Creating texts readily with such recordings is almost impossible because one end up spending a major portion of his or her time guessing the words.

Differentiating between Speakers is Easy

Those, who have never tried transcribing a recording where many speakers are expressing their thoughts and ideas simultaneously, can never really imagine how hard it is to differentiate between the speakers specifically when they are completely unfamiliar. Even a tad bit interference makes the identification time-consuming.

Transcribing is Same as the Recording Duration

The total time taken to transcribe a recording is much more than the length of the recording itself. This is because a transcriptionist has to pause and rewind an audio file for comprehending phrases and their uses. After the text is ready, he or she has to check the spellings and punctuations. Proofreading increases the duration furthermore.

Formatting Documents is Simple

Formatting documents is pretty difficult because the clientele requirements vary. Not all of them would want the same font and size. The legal and medical documents have complex number systems, line breaks, headers and footers, so, it is not possible to create them in the same way as a business conference, podcast, sermon, or seminar.

Proofreading is Straightforward

The experts determining Australian transcription rates said proofreading, the last phase, has its own share of challenges. Going through the final document and eliminating even the tiniest error before delivery enhances one’s reputation in the market. The successful transcriptionists press the rewind button of the recording as many times as possible to see if they typed all the words properly.

Now that the individuals have dismissed the common myths, they must start working unhesitatingly. While many obtain assignments independently, joining a renowned transcription company and receiving pay-outs at the end of every month also seems viable.

To prosper without any sort of hassle, please do hone skills such as accuracy, speed, capability of conducting a detailed research, grammatical aptitude, commitment towards maintaining confidentiality, etc.

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