Support Vidya Chetana and help a student fulfil their dream to become an engineer.

Dreams are what fuel a child’s life with purpose and passion. Helping them realise their dream through education should be a country’s top most priority.

Passion, a feeling that drives half of humanity to continue living their lives in their mundane schedules. This is what fuels an individual with purpose and one such example is of Shamath. Shamath is a first-year PU student with a PCMB major at Siddaganga College, where he also received a 95.3% in his 10th grade. He aspires to join IIT after passing the JEE and eventually work as a software engineer for a private company. Shamath's father is a farmer, his mother is a homemaker, and he has an elder sister. Fulfilling the dreams of these meritorious students from underprivileged backgrounds is what Vidya Chetana, an NGO working for education is engaged in.

For students, dreams are their most valuable treasure. These dreams drive them to achieve bigger and better things in the future. And when powered by the right support and mentorship it yields impactful results. It is also the source of their academic success. However, most students from low-income families do not have the opportunity to pursue their aspirations because for them education itself is a distant dream. They face numerous challenges in completing their education such as: 

  • Lack of funds 
  • Societal pressures to earn faster 
  • Distance to educational institutes 

Vidya Chetana’s intervention 

Education is one of the most promising and long-term solutions to illiteracy and poverty. Education not only empowers the student, but it also affects the entire family, and the society at large. 

Established in 2009, Vidya Chetana is a registered NGO working for education. This NGO strives to help poor students to complete their education and become self-sufficient individuals. Vidya Chetana offers financial assistance in the form of scholarships to students pursuing PUC (10+2), Degree, Engineering, and Medical studies. Through their scholarship programme, so far, they have assisted over 5,775 students from across 10 states of India.

In its efforts to help poor students inch towards their dreams, Vidya Chetana also supports students with its ‘Beyond Scholarship Programmes’ that includes:

  • Admission guidance for college and course selection
  • Career guidance sessions
  • 21st century skills training
  • Mentorship programmes 
  • Employability Readiness Programme for final year students

Join Vidya Chetana to fulfil dreams

As a donor, when you donate to educate poor students through this NGO, you not only enable students to complete their higher education, but also impact their families as well as the whole nation. 

This year, Vidya Chetana has 2,500 students waiting to receive support. You can be the catalyst and help poor students in three ways: 

  • Donate: Make a direct donation to assist underprivileged and meritorious students in completing their higher education.
  • Be a CSR Partner: Join forces with Vidya Chetana to fulfil your social responsibility.
  • Plan a Fundraiser: Conduct a fundraising campaign and double your impact by encouraging others to donate to educate.

You can be rest assured of Vidya Chetana’s transparency regarding utilisation of your donated amount. 

  • 90% of your donation is directed towards sponsoring academic fees for students and 10% is utilised to meet administration costs. 
  • They send regular updates of the academic progress of the student you have supported.
  • They arrange virtual or physical meetings with the student. 
  • They also facilitate communication with the sponsored student. 
  • Vidya Chetana provides donation receipt and 80G tax exemption certificate (applicable for contributions of ₹500 and above) for your donated amount.


It is one's social responsibility to give back to society, and the best way to do so is to be an agent of change by donating to the noble cause of educating young minds. Partner with this NGO working for education to help meritorious students from less privileged backgrounds to realise their dreams. Take action to create a generation of empowered, responsible, and independent citizens.

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Vidya Chetana Scholarship Program is an initiative of Youth for Seva to support higher education of socio-economically underprivileged students. Your support will help students wanting to pursue PUC (Intermediate), Degree, Engineering, and Medical Courses. Your contribution towards the Scholarship Program will help students continue their education as well as qualify you to receive tax exemption on your donated amount (₹500 & above). 


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