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Floor Carpets & Rugs are in use since the 20th century and even today to beautify the living area’s decor.Synthetic Carpets Online can be used for various purposes s

A carpet is a thick, woven floor covering. There are different varieties of materials used in making of a carpet. Based on materials used, there are two categories of carpets: Natural Carpets and Synthetic Carpets.

Natural carpets are made from naturally available fibers in the environment. The natural fibers are mainly obtained from plants and animals such as sea grasses, coconut husks and wool etc. Wool is widely used as a natural material for making carpets. Wool carpets are made by using natural wool. They provide soft and pleasant touch. They also help to absorb moisture from the air, repel dirt and are heat resistant and flame retardant. Thus, they help to resist fire. However, they are expensive options as compared to synthetic ones.  Natural carpets are also known as Cellulose Fiber Carpets.

Some of the advantages of natural fiber carpets are:

  • They are eco-friendly.

  • They are made from materials which are biodegradable.

  • Wool carpets are strong in nature.

Synthetic carpets are mostly preferred over natural fiber carpets because of their economic value, strength, durability and stain resistance ability. There are four major varieties of fibers used in natural carpets: Nylon, Polyester, Olefin and Triexta.

Nylon: Nylon is a synthetic, strong fiber with high ability to bounce back after becoming flattened or compacted. This property makes the carpet durable. But nylon is expensive than other synthetic fibers. It is also less stain resistant.

Polyester: Polyester is a built-in, stain-resistant fiber. It is a very versatile fiber that has been used for a long time in carpet industry. However, polyester is a lower quality fiber than nylon. The chemical name of polyester is Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET).

Olefin: The chemical name of olefin is Polypropylene. Its appearance is similar to that of wool. The major advantages of olefin are:

  • It is extremely stain-resistant.

  • It is also very fade-resistant.

Triexta: Its chemical name is Polytrimethylene Terephthalate (PTT). Triexta is much softer than polyester. As triexta carpets are made using biotechnology by utilising corn glucose in its manufacturing process, they are eco-friendly.

Synthetic carpets have following advantages:

  • They are easy to clean.

  • Stains of these carpets can be removed with off-the-shelf cleaning product.

  • Synthetic carpets are stain-resistant.

  • Nylon carpets are durable.

Some of the disadvantages of synthetic carpets are:

  • They are not environment friendly.

  • They produce a lot of toxins, which are non-biodegradable.

  • They are not very durable.

  • They are prone to shedding, piling and matting in high-traffic areas.

Choosing the Carpet

  • For children use, synthetic carpet is the better choice because it is stain-resistant and generally stronger than natural fibers.

  • For the purpose of a mat, the natural carpet is better option because it is environment friendly.

  • For the purpose of heavy foot use, you can choose either robust synthetic carpet or a natural wool carpet.

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