Tally Prime Certification Benefits

Tally Prime Certification Benefits

Tally Prime Certification Benefits

Tally prime is the latest updated version of Tally accounting software. Tally Prime helps you manage accounting, banking taxation, inventory, payroll, and much more in a much easier way, which results in your business growth.

Chartered accountants, business owners and other tally users can use this software to manage their work without any hardships and make everyday simple. It is mainly used for small and medium businesses.

Tally Prime comes with a lot more features than its predecessor Tally ERP 9.

  1. Helps in business growth: New features like “go-to” and “customisable reports” have been added to Tally Prime. You can discover and look at reports according to your convenience without going back for fear of missing some data. In Tally Prime, you can manage multiple businesses, multi-currency, multiple godowns, order processes, cost centres etc., which will help in reduction in complexity and thus, you can focus more on business growth.

2. Better control over cash flow: You can easily manage your payment timelines when your bills are receivable and payable quickly and without any trouble. Quick, insightful reports make you a better decision making person and can fully concentrate on your business without worrying about its accounts sections. Moreover, your cash flow can be optimised as this software helps in easy and efficient stock movement.

3. Better business efficiency: Tally Prime works super fast. So you get more time to do other things and work efficiently. You can multitask using this software and print or view the reports in the middle of the voucher entry. You can manage another company’s account without leaving the current company activity, understand the problems in each and every report, and much more. You do not have to remember shortcut keys, making your workflow consistent and faster.

4. Tax compliance is made easy: your books will always be correct using Tally Prime’s correction, detection and prevention mechanism, which will give you the confidence that your file returns are always accurate.

5. User-friendly software: Tally Prime is designed in a simple manner and can be used by both non-IT and non-account background people. Things like discovering information, consistent options and navigating without much thinking about the path have made this software a favourite among its users.

6. Mobile friendly: Another feature of Tally Prime is mobile friendly. It can be operated on all devices like laptops, tablets and mobile. So you can be tension free when you are travelling, as you can check your reports from mobile using Tally Prime.

7. Safety of data: This software is made mainly by keeping in mind the safety and security of the data. Since multiple business data can be entered at a time, data safety is essential. No data leakage will happen even if there are unavoidable situations like network interruptions or power failures.

How to set up Tally Prime?

Installing Tally Prime is just a few clicks away. You can setup Tally Prime in 3 steps:

  1. Download
  2. Install
  3. Start transacting right away

Tally Prime is so simple to use, and you can use it yourself. But if you still find it challenging to use or are not having enough time, you can hire a Tally Prime certified Accountant. Many institutes are offering Tally Prime Certification Courses.

Finprov learning institute provides a Tally Prime certification course where you will learn about using Tally Prime in detail. Here you will learn about 

  1. familiarising the Tally Prime interface
  2.  generating MIS Reports, “go to” feature
  3. Training on Inventory, Payroll and GST in Tally, TDS and TCS
  4.  features and benefits and setting up of Tally Prime
  5. Job costing, cost centre and cost categories
  6. vouchers, banking utilities and other essential tools and features 

It is a one month course covering the entire Tally Prime software and making you a pro in using it. The course fee is around Rs 10000. It is available offline and is in the Malayalam language.

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