Top 10 Indian Lifestyle Blogs and Websites in 2021

These sites inspire newbies and established bloggers alike. The Top 10 Indian Lifestyle blogs and Websites in 2021 are listed in descending order of Domain Authority

The list of Top 10 Indian Lifestyle Blogs and Websites for 2021 includes everything from fashion to travel and beauty to interior design. It's an ever-growing list with new content added regularly. Listed below are some of the best-selling blogs in the country and their most popular posts. Keep reading to find out which blogs will be the most popular in 2021. If you're looking for some great tips for starting a blog, keep reading!

Akanksha fashion and lifestyle blog is written by Indian women and is a popular source of fashion and lifestyle tips. Whether you want to learn about yoga, travel, or traditional Indian wear, Akanksha is an excellent resource for information on both. It also has articles about the latest fashion, health, and media trends. A must-read for any fashion lover! And, don't forget to check out Jyoti Dhar's blog, which is packed full of great tips and advice.

The following five lifestyle blogs and websites are ranked based on their Domain Authority and popularity. While most people are interested in beauty and fashion, others are interested in business and fashion. These sites inspire newbies and established bloggers alike. The Top 10 Indian Lifestyle blogs and Websites in 2021 are listed in descending order of Domain Authority. For example, High Heel Confidential is a popular blog by two women, and it covers the fashion and style of Indian celebrities. It's also a popular website in the fashion industry, and it's been featured in several Indian fashion magazines.

Sonam is an aspiring lifestyle blogger with her blog. Her blog combines visual journal posts with reviews on places she's visited and food she likes. Archattire, on the other hand, perceives as curating a luxury lifestyle, covering the best of the industry. Urban Diaries is the ultimate luxury lifestyle destination, featuring celebrity interviews and inspirational editorials. And if you want to get inspired, visit The Luxury Lifestyle Blog.

The following three blogs on the list are The Best Indian Lifestyle Blogs and Websites in 2022

Verve Magazine is a popular lifestyle blog in India with a significant social media presence and monthly page views are two million, funded by Google ads. It has a print magazine and digital edition, and Anand Mahindra's wife founded it in 1995. The first lifestyle magazine in India focused on women's lifestyles, and the blog has become one of the leading lifestyle magazines in India.

The top lifestyle bloggers in India in 2021 include Nikhila Chalamalasetty, a photographer with a flair for writing about beauty, food, and travel. She also started a communication academy, Roma's Communication Academy, to help the 6-to-60-year-old gap between the two generations. And she even won a Grammy for her work. And a list of Top 10 Indian Lifestyle Blogs and Websites continues to grow!

In addition to fashion and beauty, real estate and finance are popular topics for blogs in India. The Millennial generation is now in the workforce, and Gen-Zers are eagerly looking for a home of their own. As the industry evolves, digital real estate blogs are being launched to keep pace with the latest tech-savvy generations. The future is bright for this industry in India! So, stay tuned and subscribe to the Top 10 Lifestyle Blogs and Websites in 2021!

Sandeepa Dwivedi and Chetan Gupta sold their house two years ago to travel full-time. They write about the best train journeys in India, the most beautiful landscapes, the off-the-beaten-path gems for trekkers, and much more. These two travel bloggers also share travel secrets and tips with their readers, making them more likely to subscribe.

What are the Most Luxurious Fashion Brands Of 2021? As with any other industry, luxury fashion has been changing with brands coming in and going out, rising and falling, dominating the runways, and falling in the rankings since the start. Fashion brands rank differently every year based on luxury and price, as well as their net worth.

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