Testosterone Cycle and Steroids Guide

Testosterone Cycle and Steroids Guide

There’s a wide range of reasons why someone would want to use steroids and a testosterone cycle to enhance their physical condition and improve results from training and exercises, but understanding why people would take the risk of using them to get the benefits of androgenic anabolic steroids, and how they work, will certainly help you make the decision.

Steroids, also known as androgenic anabolic steroids, have gained a really bad reputation over the years. Most people believe that they are used by athletes to improve their performance for competitions, but in fact, it is more used for muscle building and training purposes. Don’t get me wrong, some people are using them to improve their physical condition before or during competitions, as well as to get better at sports, but the main purpose of steroids and testosterone cycles is to boost the body’s capabilities to produce muscle mass.

How Steroid Drugs Work

But how do steroid drugs help you with this?Well, to understand how steroids work we need to take a look at a particular hormone known as testosterone. This specific hormone is found in both men and women, but its way more prominent in men. Primarily, this specific hormone focuses on developing male features in men during their puberty, as well as maintaining healthy levels of different male features such as sexual drive.

During puberty, Testosterone helps men develop characteristics such as facial and pubic hair as well as voice deepness. It also affects things like acne and libido. In older men that have already been through puberty, it can affect them in several ways. For example, unhealthy levels of testosterone can cause a hormonal complication known as testosterone deficiency syndrome which can affect men in different ways. A good example is reduced fertility and sexual drive, problems with erections, muscle gain and weight loss. Other problems include lack of motivation, depression, insomnia, mood swings and problems with memory and focus.

Here’s a little more information about it.

Now, steroids are a synthetic form of this hormone. It does not only increase testosterone levels but also enhances its effect in the body for better results. Of course, this improvement on testosterone levels can cause a wide range of side effects if used unproperly, and that’s what most people are scared of: the possible side effects caused by this hormonal change. With that said, many experienced people and weightlifting professionals know how to get the most out of them without risking their health as much.

Testosterone, Weight Loss and Muscle Gain

The way testosterone affects weight loss and muscle gain is by affecting how our body deals with fats, nutrients, and proteins. Thanks to healthy levels of this hormone, our body capabilities of absorbing these essential components from food are incredibly increased.

As you may already know, diet is an important part of gaining or losing weight. It is the ultimate factor deciding how effective your training routines are. Thanks to it, your body will be able to absorb more protein, which helps a lot when building muscles and your body will also be able to burn fats faster, which is important for weight loss.

Another thing to consider is the mental side of the benefits obtained by it. There are multiple ways of naturally increasing your testosterone levels, and some of them include weightlifting, exercises, and having healthy sleeping routines. People who do these things tend to be more motivated and willing to stick to a training routine, diet, and healthy lifestyle habits such as sleeping enough or drinking enough water throughout the day. This is a very important decisive factor since it is through consistency and discipline that you will be able to achieve your goals.


Cycles are things you consume along steroids to increase its effectiveness in the body as well as improve your body’s health to get better results at muscle training and exercising. A testosterone cycle will improve your training results, but there’s something you should always keep in mind when consuming both cycles and steroids: you’ll have to work twice as hard to get the results without risking your health.

Side effects can be pretty nasty, and they start to appear as you keep using both things. That is why pros and experienced people focus on doing as much muscle training and exercise as possible, to get results as fast as possible without compromising their health.

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