Top 10 Tyre Brands In The UAE

Top 10 Tyre Brands In The UAE

If you are in the UAE, then you know the value of a car. Like, you
are an employee and you have to commute to your work using
the metro each day to your work, which is very difficult. Even
though it is somewhat cheap and it arrives on time, but the
majority of people would travel to their homes and to work. Which
means that most of the times it is crowded and people actually
have to wait in queues to get into the metro. And another
drawback is that it closes at 11 pm, and if there is an emergency
and you have to go to the doctor’s or go to any other place, you
have to take a cab. Also, cabs are very expensive in the UAE.
Now, you must be wondering that only if you had a car. The main
drawback is that metro is only on Dubai and there are only cabs in
other emirates, which makes it very expensive.

Now that you have saved up enough money to purchase a car, it is time for you to also consider the tyres that you want to install on it. Since the UAE is hot most of the times and the car tyres which are not of good quality tend to get worn out, it is best to avoid them. It is important that you get yourself a good set of tyres. There are different companies that manufacture tyres which are specially for UAE’s atmosphere and for the type of cars that are driven here. So, if you have a car and you are looking for the top ten tyre brands in UAE, then this is the article that you need to need, because here we will be telling you about the companies that are famous among car owners in UAE:

need, because here we will be telling you about the companies
that are famous among car owners in UAE:


This is a Japanese company that was initially founded in 1931,
and its headquarters is in Tokyo. This is the number one tyre
brand in the UAE and you can find their main offices in all the
Emirates of the UAE. These are most durable but they are a little
expensive but they have warranty as well.


This company is owned by Goodyear and it is more than one
hundred years old, it was founded in 1890 and is considered the
second best seller in UAE. Dunlop’s tyres are widely used in
races as well due to their outstanding quality.


This is a French company which was founded in 1889 and it is the
third largest tyre manufacturer in UAE. Michelin tyres have gained
immense popularity for their excellent performance and traction.
Michelin produces a range of tyres, including all-season, which
are manufactured across 18 countries.

Continental AG

This is a German company and it was founded in 1871 and it
famous for manufacturing cost-effective tyres for a range of
vehicles and purposes.


This is an Italian company and it was founded in 1872. It is
famous for providing the best tyres for racing cars. Pirelli is largely
considered as being the fifth largest tyre manufacturer in the
world, and manufactures tyres for bicycles, motor cycles and cars.


This is another Japanese company which was started in 1969 and
they are famous for their longevity tyres. Establish in 1917, the
manufacturer is known across the world and produces tyres for
car racing events, including the World Touring Car Championship,
the IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge and the Macau Grand Prix Formula
3 Intercontinental Cup.


This is a Korean company which was founded in 1942 and it is
also famous for manufacturing quality and cost-effective tyres.

The manufacturer uses highly advanced nanotechnology and is
famous for delivering ground-breaking mobility products.


This is an America-based company which was founded in 1898,
and they are they are famous for providing the most durable kind
of tyres. The manufacturer supplies the finest tyres for a range of
vehicles, including race cars, automobiles, motorcycles and even


This is another Korean company and their tyres are famous
among people who like to drive off road. With a supplier network
spread across 180 countries, it is the 7 th largest tire company in
the automotive market.


Yet another Korean company, their tyres are famous among
street car racers. The brand happens to be the official tire supplier
of the famous AutoGP open wheel race series and is known to
deliver highly durable tyres.

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