The 5 Best Neighborhoods in Toronto


Toronto is known to be a city of neighborhoods, where choosing the place to stay in Toronto depends on what type of experience you want to have there. In the year 1998, six municipalities created one megacity in the region.

The commonly known neighborhoods of Toronto that are famous and have wonderful tourism services are as follows:

(They are mapped as per their major attractions or landmarks.)

1. The Entertainment District

This area is majorly the Centre of Toronto Nightlife and Entertainment available in the area. It can be called the best area to stay in Toronto for first-time visitors, since it is quite close to many of the major attractions of Toronto, and has a lot of dining and nightlife. When staying in the Entertainment District, one can truly live in the center of it all.

With an area spanning from The University that lies west to Spadina and from Front Street north to the Queen, this place is the point where all the action and fun happens. If one is willing to be in the urban center and enjoy the nightlife of Toronto, this is the perfect place to stay. It’s one of the Best Neighborhoods in Toronto.

2. Scotiabank Arena

This place is majorly home to the Toronto Maple Leafs and also the exotic Toronto Raptors. One can catch a game of NHL Hockey or NBA Basketball while residing near this premier venue. The sports fans can happily reside here for some days and enjoy their tour while having the fun of visualising a NHL match along with it. There are many short term furnished rentals in Toronto.

TIFF Lightbox – The Renowned Toronto International Film Festival is located in this area, and the TIFF Lightbox theatre has year-round activities, including events, screenings, and talks.

So a willing guest who wants to be a part of this can easily get to do so by staying in this locality. This place attracts the entertainment fans and they can enjoy themselves immensely here, with the historic values and fun activities accompanied with it. It can be called in the list of the Best Neighborhoods in Toronto.

Rogers Centre – It is the home of the Toronto Blue Jays. People can watch their favorite American League baseball team take on the Toronto Blue Jays, here.

There is also the availability of Rogers Centre stadium tours of this massive and well made complex. The Marriott Hotel lies inside as well, in case one wants to enjoy a unique yet luxurious place to stay in Toronto. The sports lovers can try to book a place here for some precious tour times.

3. Roy Thompson Hall

If the tourists want to see live music at its finest while visiting Toronto, there lies the premier venue for the Toronto Symphony Orchestra for visits and for gaining an absolutely unique experience. It also has many regular guest performers, opera, and also some novelty performances, including events such as live symphonies to the Star Wars and the Empire Strikes Back.

The dates, time and hours for these may vary and one can check the official website to ensure the actual schedule. Many people come across the country and from different parts to join this place and live in this serenity.

4. Canadian Walk of Fame

This place is located along King Street, where one can see the Canadian Stars honored in the Walk of Fame. People can get quite surprised to find out which famous personalities are Canadian. From Jim Carrey, Shania Twain, Neil Young, Michael J.

Fox, Alanis Morisette, Ryan Reynolds, and James Cameron to name a few, there are many others who can be seen to shine here. This spot is a creative and unique tourist spot that attracts many people for the Wall of Fame attraction. Also, the place is beaded with wonderful scenic beauty, leading more people to come here and have a good time. This area can be included among the best neighborhoods in Toronto.

5. Royal Alexandra Theatre

The tourists and visitors can watch the latest as well as the greatest from Broadway in this historically acclaimed theatre. The area residents are smooth and unafraid to show off their wealth with some exotic cars and designer clothes seen to grace the street.

While visiting the city of Toronto, one must spend some time in this district to enjoy the different essence of this area.

Each place has its own mode of lifestyle and the differences make their individuality strong. These places are located nearby but can be differentiated from one other based on their outlook.

These are some of the main neighborhoods that can be really enjoyable for visits and tourism, even residing for a couple of days. People can travel around these areas or stay in each of them for a while to enjoy the individuality and unique essence of each locality.

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