Modern Wall Clocks

The Best 10 Modern Wall Clocks to Shop for Your Home/Office

The first mechanical clock was invented in 1300 AD and it was Christiaan Huygens who is credited for the invention of the first pendulum clock in 1656. With time and technical advancements, clocks have gone through several changes and are now used for both time display and home decoration. A wooden clock is a timepiece which is made of wood and has a small machine for displaying time. Here are the best 10 modern wall clocks if you are looking for such one to decorate your home:

Floral Shape Black Wooden Wall Clock

Go with it to expose your love for floral designs to your family members and others who see you at your home. This black wall clock is a great choice for you to hang from the wall with any background colour in your home decoration. 

Radha Krishna with Gopis Canvas Printed Decorative Wall Clock with Floating Frame

Let others know your fondness of eternal love and aesthetic value in home decor with this decorative timepiece. Printed using high definition photo print technology on high-grade thick gloss canvas, it has an image of Lord Krishna with Radha and gopis. Available with all the requisite hanging tools, it can cover an area of 16inch x 12inch on your living space or bedroom wall.      

Buddha Spiritual Canvas Printed Decorative Wall Clock with Floating Frame 

This multipurpose wall clock is a great option for you if you wish to expose many things with a single item at a time. With it, you can display your love for natural scenery, expose your faith in Buddhism, display time, and decorate a wall space in your home/business setup.    

Ek Onkar Dual Layer Wooden Wall Clock 

This timepiece is the perfect item to expose your love for vintage design. It has an encryption of Ek Onkar and Roman numbers (for displaying hours of a day). Designed and made using sophisticated technique and high-grade materials such as wood and plastic, this timepiece comes with a 1AA battery and has a longer lifespan.    

Gear Design Pendulum Wooden Wall Clock

Made of optimum quality MDF/birch wood and metal gears, this wooden timepiece is an ideal option to show off your love for mechanical engineering. It is available with a 1AA battery and can cover an area of 61cm X 23cm on the wall of your living space, bedroom, or dining hall. Its fine finishing enables it to beautify a space.   

Round Shape Big Pendulum Wall Clock

Are you fond of a round shape and pendulum and want the same in a timepiece? Opt for purchasing this Round Shape Big Pendulum Wall Clock. Designed and manufactured using superior-grade 5-7 mm medium density fibreboard wood, this black wall clock has a white coloured pendulum. It is an excellent choice to decor a wall with any background.         

Abstract Flower Design Dual Colour Wooden Wall Clock

If you are in search of a wooden timepiece with a floral design, this clock is an ideal option for you. Designed and made using high-grade MDF/birch wood and supreme quality paint, this time displaying machine has a transparent matt finish and lasts for a more extended period. It is capable of beautifying a space wall.       

Heart Shape Big Pendulum Wall Clock 

Go with this timepiece if you are looking for a wall clock with a romantic theme for a gifting or home decoration purpose. Made using supreme quality birch or medium density fibreboard wood, this time displaying wooden machine can cover an area of 62cm X 92cm on a space wall. Its fine finishing and superior quality paint makes this timepiece to beautify a wall space in your home/business setup.   

Football Designer Multi Layer Wooden Pendulum Wall Clock 

Expose your love to the game of football with this wooden timepiece. It is an excellent decorative piece with the right amalgamation of white and black colours. Its base is white and the football design is in white and black. It has a black pendulum with the text Goal. Made of high-grade MDF or birch wood, this time displaying machine comes with a 1AA battery and has a fine finish.   

Khanda Dual Layer Wooden Wall Clock

Wish to disclose your faith in Sikhism while decorating your living space, kitchen, dining hall, or bedroom with a timepiece? Consider shopping for this wooden time displaying machine. It contains the symbol of the Sikh faith and has English numbers, 1-12, for the display of time on a day. Its background is brown while the numbers and the symbol are white. It will look great on a blue or black wall.


The write-up has disclosed 10 clock names that are only meant for giving you an outlook. It depends on you whether you should purchase the one from the wall clocks mentioned above or look for the one that caters to your taste and choice in terms of colour, design, shape, and size.  

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