Safety Switches

The Importance of Safety Switches

Everyone wants to be able to make use of electrical appliances without any fear that they will receive an electric shock if they do so. Although there are stringent testing procedures in place to ensure the safety of electrical appliances, other areas of the environment can sometimes cause the hazards, which is why it is so important to have had safety switches installed in workplaces. See the range at RS Components.

What do safety switches do?

There are a number of causes that commonly cause a safety switch to activate. Electrical wiring faults and faulty appliances often trigger the activation of a safety switch, as do events such as water entering exterior power sockets.

In workplaces, electrical equipment that is made use of in hostile environments and high-risk portable electric equipment are good examples of why it is important for businesses to have safety switches installed. 

High risk portable electric equipment includes the likes of circular saws, commercial kitchen appliances, hairdryers and angle grinders, while portable equipment that needs to be moved during operation include floor polishers, portable lights and vacuum cleaners. 

Other electrical equipment that may need to be moved between tasks includes extension leads, audio-visual equipment, welding machines and power boards. 

Why safety switches are important

Safety switches are devices that will quickly shut down power in the event of the detection of an electrical fault, thus protecting users from electric shocks that can cause injury and possibly death. 

Safety switches help to eliminate the risks associated with electrical devices, boosting security and saving lives by enhancing the inbuilt protection of such equipment. 

Businesses should install safety switches at all circuit points throughout their operation to ensure the highest possible protection. 

Safety switches are also very useful in businesses overnight when no one is around, as they will ensure the place is protected from the risk of fires that are the result of electrical faults. 

Electrical safety is not something that anyone should ever take a chance with, and businesses are under a legal requirement to do everything they can to ensure the safety of their employees. 

The installation and operation of safety switches

It is important to make use of the services of a professional electrician to install safety switches throughout your business. An electrical service provider will also be able to provide guidance on the best place to have safety switches located in businesses and given an estimate for the full cost of the installation prior to commencing work. 

After the installation of safety switches in a business has been completed by an electrical service provider, the good news is they are very simple and easy to operate. Once they have been professionally installed, all business managers will need to do is make sure that they continue to function in the correct manner. 

Safety switches are recognised all over the world as devices that save lives and together with surge diverters and circuit breakers provide the maximum possible protection from electrocution, electrical fires and power surges.

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