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The Best Six Programs to Design Logos for Your Website

How many times have you sat in front of your computer Brainstorming to design a logo and have no idea this task?

And I bet you did not know that there are massive logo makers that help you of making a great logo very quickly, right?

Yes, as you can learn from this post, there are numerous tools available for you to use and complete your mission.

So today I will introduce you to some best applications on designing a logo to assist you in making a professional-looking logo for your website.

  1. Logogenie
  2. DesignEvo
  3. LogoMaker
  4. Online Logo Maker
  5. GraphicSprings
  6. Free Logo Services

1: Logogenie

Logogenie is one of the leading online logo design tools on the web. With its 3000+ logo template and next level design tools, designing your own business logo is easy.  Logogenie uses artificial intelligence to give you the best and most adequate logo results. Once you’ve chosen a template, you can customize the design online and download the high resolution graphic files. This service offers premium quality logos at affordable prices.

2: DesignEvo

DesignEvo is a robust logo making tool that allows you to make your beautiful logo in seconds. The best of it is that almost every element in the logo template is redesignable so that you could customize your logo 100%. To save a logo in DesignEvo is free, the picture is low-resolution, but you could pay a small fee to get a high-solution and it is editable.

Here Are Some Of Its Key Features:

  1. a) Over one million icons are available to search through.
  2. b) Hundreds of text fonts and shapes to choose from.
  3. c) Powerful editing tools and ample designing resource to fully customize your logo.

Once you try it, you would feel like a designer to do your job.

3: LogoMaker

LogoMaker is another program you should have a try as it boasts it has prepared over 20 million logos for users.

How To Design A Free Logo With LogoMaker

  1. Choose the category to which your company belongs.
  2. Type the name of our brand and it is slogan (the latter is optional)
  3. Select a logo to edit
  4. Customize the logo by changing color and fonts
  5. Preview the logo and save it

Of course, if you want to download your logo for free, you will have to register an account.

4: Online Logo Maker

You can design your own logo effortless with this awesome platform.

It does not require any registration to access its services, even to save your logo. But if you want to edit in the future, it would be better to have an account so that you could save the project to modify.

How Does It Work?

  1. Browse the website and then just give a click to“Start Logo Maker”
  2. Write the company name and change the font.
  3. Change vector images and personalize colors to your style.
  4. Save the files on your computer.

As its name indicates, it is another application to make free logos that you can make use of it.

5: GraphicSprings

This tool to create free and online logos is excellent since you can directly insert the name of the brand and the category to which your industry is.

Automatically, the application of logos makes us a mix between both, creating a logo with our name and the selected drawing.

In addition, you can change colors, including shadows, etc.

6: Free Logo Services

Actually, this program is no longer free to download a logo even its name says “free.”

How To Make A Logo For Your Company With Free Logo Services?

  1. Enter the name of your brand or company to create the logo and select the logo category.
  2. Choose the design among thousands of options you will find.
  3. Customize your logo.
  4. Download your new logo for free.

In the last step, it will give you the option of designing your business card with the logo that you have created or of using it to print it on shirts or other items.

You will also have to register if you want to be able to download your new logo, but you can make a logo in a matter of minutes.

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