The Generation of Disenchanted Leaders – Millennials

Millennials do not look that keen in taking up leadership roles.

  • They are innovative
  • They are collaborative
  • They love open communication
  • They are great team players

But Millennials do not look that keen in taking up leadership roles. It is just 11% of the millennials who aspire for the coveted C-suite. Their aspirations have changed. You may pin it to

  • A utopian sense of work-life balance
  • A constant search for value in their daily work
  • A diminished sense of loyalty


They sound coming from experience, but they are all myths. Millennials value loyalty, work-life-balance, productivity, and profit just as much the generations before them. Most of them will be loyal to employers who have a good compensation structure. A good number of millennials say that they are not looking for a move in the coming six months and this number is higher than the previous generation.

So, what is the reason behind this changed aspirations?

  • The recession of 2008 was a wake-up call. Millennials are disillusioned. They find companies not attuned to their values. It is time companies think about a culture change. An open line of conversations and flexibility brings innovation. The task remains is to align these factors to organizational goals.
  • Millennials have found a friend in gig stints. They prefer projects and working for multiple clients rather than going for a single employer (Recession was a great teacher).

But corporates need leaders and there will be a crunch in the area. The TopCHRO Whitepaper, Sustaining Future Growth with Millennial Leaders explores how to condition the largest working population into future leaders. You can click it here.

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