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How to Write a CNA Resume with Experience

There is nothing better than experience in a CNA role, when writing a resume. The resume decides if you get an interview chance. If you have it sorted out, you can say hello to your new position.

Typically, a certified nursing assistant (CNA) must focus on his or her experience in a resume.

Technically, it should contain information on what you offer in a nursing position. Since we are talking about experience here, it will be taken for granted that you possess the right set of skills and competencies as well.

Talking about a CNA resume, you must highlight all sections such as abilities, accomplishments, and experience properly.

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Let us break down the resume to see what goes where:

Professional Summary

The beginning of your CNA resume is most important. This will set the tone of the rest of the resume. Here, you should highlight specifically that you are applying for a certified nursing assistant position. Offering a little information of your skills such as knowledge of following care plans etc. will come in handy.

Example: Certified Nursing Assistant, with 6+ years of experience in providing excellent personal and nursing care to the assigned patients. Highly talented in ensuring patient comfort and well-being at all times. Demonstrated expertise in assuring patient stability through recording of vital signs.

Core Competencies

A table-like format to highlight your competencies is sufficient here. Here is an example:

Personal Assistance
Ambulation Support
Vital Signs Monitoring
Chart Maintenance
Emergency Response
Records Keeping

Selected Accomplishments

This is also an important part of a CNA resume. In this section, a hiring manager expects to see what you have achieved in the past. An example of this can be:

Streamlined the patient support system, as a result, considerably increased patient wellness.

Professional Experience

Now, this is the part where you can show off all that you know about nursing. As a certified nursing assistant, your duties will be important to a new employer. Here is how you can list them:

  • Follow patients’ care plans in order to provide the best personal and nursing care
  • Take and record assigned patients’ vitals
  • Monitor patients’ conditions, and intervene where necessary
  • Administer medication orally and intravenously
  • Create and maintain patients’ charts
  • Ensure patients’ comfort and wellbeing

Education and Certification

A degree in nursing, along with the certification that you have obtained must grace this part. Make sure that you provide proper names of institutes, and dates.

Membership and Affiliation

This is an optional section. You may mention any professional affiliations here.

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