The High-in-Demand Combo of Hadoop and Data Science Skills

Being a data science professional is an enormous deal these days and if a person clubs his/her data science knowledge with Hadoop skills, there is nothing that can stop them from making big in the professional world. If you go through the job postings on, an influential job portal, you will see that there is a massive demand for professionals who own a mix of data science and Hadoop skills. Which make it quite evident that they are offered exorbitant salaries by the top employers of the world.

How being well-versed in Data Science can assist you in Performing in the Hadoop environment?

An extremely utilitarian cluster computing technology, Hadoop is being used by a myriad of organizations. It is known for utilizing a plethora of techniques, such as data engineering, warehousing methodologies, software engineering relating to distributed computing, large-scale analytics along with distributed systems administration. So basically, it merges distributed computing techniques to distributed storage. The topmost reason for its popularity that this technology considered by experts as the most efficacious framework for performing complex, high-end analytics.

Data science involves the application of R and SAS programming in order to perform statistical analysis and by combining them with Hadoop, one is able to evaluate gigantic datasets with assistance from a range of tools. One can also learn how to get his/her way around highly intricate data analytics tools, such as Spark and Hive.

Professionals who are able to unify these skills can conveniently set themselves apart from the competition and present themselves as eligible candidates for high-end jobs.

Advantages of having combined expertise in Data Science & Hadoop

If you learn to use Data Science methodologies within Hadoop, it will help you comprehend how the several segments of Hadoop merge to make a complete data pipeline which is handled by a team consisting of data researchers, engineers, programmers along with business people. You shall also gain competence in:

  • Understanding Hadoop architecture together with setting up a pretentious distributed development environment.
  • Developing distributed arithmetic with Hadoop Distributed File System and MapReduce.
  • Working with Hadoop through a command-line interface.
  • Using Hadoop Streaming utility for executing a MapReduce project in Python.
  • Exploring data warehousing, data flows, along with many more projects inside the Hadoop ecosystem.
  • Using Hive to evaluate relational data in Hadoop.
  • Using filtering, summarizing, and aggregating to shift Big Data toward last-mile computation.

Hadoop Certifications

As the importance of Hadoop keeps growing each day so does the need for people with Hadoop skills. In the coming years, over 50 percent of the world’s data shall be processed with the help of Hadoop. Therefore, the demand for professionals with Hadoop expertise is increasing by the minute. On the contrary, organizations are finding it tough to recruit the right talent.

This has enhanced the number of Hadoop certification programs in the market that are producing dexterous professionals who are well aware of the Hadoop environment.

Perks of Earning a Hadoop Certification

In the current scenery of the business world, IT people coming from disparate fields wish to make a shift into high paying jobs. Big data is one of the fastest growing domains that is becoming famous for offering the highest remunerating jobs nowadays.

So, to be a part of the immensely lucrative industry of Big Data, one needs to have Hadoop skills and that is the reason why young professionals are getting incredibly attracted towards Hadoop Certifications. From a gainful job to a high status, professionals can achieve a number of goals through a Hadoop certification as it helps one seem more well-read than the other candidates.

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