Sexual Hookup Culture

Sexual Hookup Culture: Dos and Don’ts That You Should Know

Most likely, every college or university student, as well as many other young adults, have heard about sexual hookup culture. For those who do not know, this is a brief sexual encounter with a partner to whom you are not committed. It is very common in colleges, clubs and bars, and party centers where young people hang out, drink, and enjoy other forms of entertainment.

But there is another place where this is becoming a deep-rooted culture: online dating sites. Internet connectivity has changed how people meet and interact. From the comfort of your phone, you can easily plan a hookup with someone of your choice through an online dating app. But even as you do all this, there are dos and don’ts to ensure that you have the best hookup ever.

Do Make Wise Hookup Culture Decisions

The hookup culture is full of sexual fantasies and adventures. But this can end in agony if you make poor decisions. Before going to a party to find hot women or handsome men, rethink everything. First, this should not become an addictive habit as it can consume a lot of your time and finances. Second, always hook up with the right partners to avoid putting your life at risk. Generally, every decision you make should be carefully considered.

Do Use Protection

Even as you enjoy the adventures that come with hookup culture, you should remember that there are all sorts of sexually transmitted illnesses and the possibility of pregnancy. Any of these consequences can have a lifelong impact that will make you regret ever indulging in this culture in the first place. Hence, you need to use protection, particularly condoms.

Do Use Reliable Hookup Apps

With the advancement of technology, new hookup apps continue to enter the market. They are all over the App Store and Play Store. Together, they complete the hookup culture ecosystem, but not all of them are good for your needs. Only focus on the reputable ones especially if you want to explore new ones. You could try and read about top hookup apps that have been reviewed by different experts. Get to know why they are on these lists and what makes them the best.

Do Not Compromise

Most of the time, you agree with your potential partner on the boundaries of what you will do and what you will not. But intentions could change when you want to experiment in the moment. Whether you hook up in a club when drunk or through a dating platform, you should not compromise and move beyond what you agreed on before the hookup.

Do Not Have Strings Attached

A hookup is meant to be very casual because this is what it means. People should not bring their emotions into the moment since it might not go well with your partner. Actually, most people prefer to try a different partner every time they want to have a hookup. And this is what the hookup culture is all about; it is a no-strings-attached event.

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