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Things to Keep in Mind While Packing for Umrah

Before leaving for Umrah, you must get through this packing checklist to avoid any hassle on your Umrah journey after selecting the Umrah packages from travel agency

Umrah is a journey which could be performed at any time of the year. This beautiful journey towards the Holy surface of Mecca and Medina makes you understand many things which include the property and contribution towards Islam, realization of the eternal fact that this life we are living is very temporary and it has nothing to offer but the fake glitters and most importantly one more thing that only Allah loves us and had the power to ignore to all our sins when we seek forgiveness from Almighty. When you select the Umrah packages 2019 or onwards from a travel agency, the next thing you have to do is to arrange your stuff which you need to keeps for the journey of Umrah. This journey has a lot to offer and has an immense contribution in towards the fate of every Muslims so when we go for this journey most we want to be fully prepared so that we could avoid the hassle and ambiguity due the incomplete packing. This blog is your personal checklist for the stuff you need to keep and the facts which have to be kept in mind after you have booked for Umrah and got the confirmation as well.

Things to Remember

Islamic Will

Islamic Will

You might not be a billionaire but still, it is very important for you to write your Islamic will. This is the way which has been told by Allah as if anything happens you during the journey at least your last wish and will be there.

Pay Regards to All the Relatives

The next most important thing is that while you are planning to visit the holy cities and become the guest of Allah then you have to come after lightning your heart. Solve the issue and dissolve the quarrels with the relative and all the related people, seek their pardon if you think you have done anything wrong with them. Then after resolving the problems and issue you need to again think if you have connected with all of them, if yes then its really good.

Collect the Wishes from Friends and Family

There are many people among you who have the desire to visit the holy places of Mecca and Medina, you need to take their wishes with you by asking them if they want you to pray for anything. Then you need to note that all on the notebook or your cellphone so that you can carry them a message and mandate with you and then pray for them as well as a part of your duty.

Confirm your Flight and the People who will Accompany you

After you are done with the selection of Umrah package and then all the above steps now you have to confirm all the detail about the flight and the arrangements which are to be done during it. The next big thing is to see the group which will accompany you during the journey and then if it’s your family or not you still have to confirm your hotel name and the seat number in the flight. This all information requires the proper communication with the travel agency you have selected.

Things to Carry with You

Now the packing list is very important and this list has to be as detailed as you can see the stuff from our list then you pack your list as well. When we talk about packing for any journey there is a lot of stuff which is included in our backpack but this journey requires even more attention as this is the journey where no one will have time to go shopping. The purpose of Umrah is to please Allah and seek his forgiveness so this is the reason why you need to take a good and clear glance on things you have to carry with you.


 Ihram travel

The most important thing is the availability of Ihram when you leave for Umrah. If you really want to be on the safest side and perform Umrah properly then keep your Ihram with you. The ihram for males and females is different as males only wear the sheets which are unstitched meanwhile females wear the gown and expose their face only.


Now when you talk about dressing one more thing has to be kept for completing your Umrah wardrobe, and this includes the perfect pair of shoes. You have to keep the joggers or the sandals according to the demand of the weather and your feet for the ziarat. You also need to keep the slippers for wearing them casually.


The most important thing is your visa and the passport. You need to at least keep 2 copies of all the documents which might be required for the evidence of your identity. These documents will help you to coordinate with the staff of the hotel and the government of Saudi Arabia.


You need to keep the smartphones with you because these smartphones are your way of seeking help and communicating with the members of your group. This will also help you to get out of many situations as you need to understand, that all the people present must share their contacts with each other.


Hygiene is very important, it is the most compulsory part of this journey and your life as well. You can never trust the towels which are being given by the hotel, most of the time they don’t even offer you one. So you have to keep your towels as well in summers, these towels can also be used as the cold compress for the heat reduction while you perform ziarat.

Now, these were the important points which you have to keep in mind while you are preparing yourself for Umrah. Also, keep in mind to recite the Quranic verses and perform all the Umrah rituals properly. May Allah bless us all with the chance to become His Almighty’s guests at least once in our life.

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