Holiday Stress

Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress

Holidays bring along a bundle of joy and excitement along with another chapter in the holiday fun book – stress.

Holidays bring great excitement for all, no matter rich or poor. The sparking lights all around, going on shopping spree and getting gifts makes the time all the way more interesting. However, holidays can also be stressful at times – attending guests, making efforts for shopping and other important household chores. Isn’t it a lot to handle? This holiday season you can minimize the level of stress and enjoy to the fullest with our important tips to reduce holiday stress.

Take breaks

Take breaks

As soon as you wake up, sit down for some quiet time. We are talking about meditation. Calming down your mind should be the first thing to do in the morning ensuring a stress free day. You need create visualization in your mind while you meditate. When we meditate, our mind gets cleansed from all the frustration, annoyance and disturbance, helping us stay positive and energized. It’s not just effective in the morning but whenever you feel anxious or disturbed throughout the day. Take 5-10 minutes break from work to calm down. Mark, conscious slow breathing is a key to relaxation when you are frustrated standing in long queues.

Get the rose-colored glasses on

rose-colored glasses

When people try to get you in company for their bad habits, you should step into their shoes rather than being annoyed. For instance, Aunt Julie keeps asking you to have a bite of her apple pie this Christmas Eve and your manager John is all ready to pour you a glass of booze. Relax, take a deep breath and try realizing things other way round. May be this is Aunt Julie’s way of showing her love or John is just being cordial with a glass of booze. Instead of getting irritated and annoyed, you should feel grateful towards the love that awaits you. Be gracious while thanking them for their attention and love (though misguided) and move on.  

Get moving

Get moving

One of the top 5 tips to avoid holiday stress is regular exercise. According to studies, indulging into physical activity doesn’t just boost your energy and fitness level but also helps control your mood. Regular exercise reduces fatigue, tension, anger and confusion. Despite your busy schedules and work commitments, make sure you take out at least 30minutes for exercising. Moreover, survey says that inactive regular exercise itself is a cause of unexpected mood swings and depression. Just one week of affected exercise schedule and you will feel fatigued and depressed. Science reveals that exercising boosts the production of endorphin hormone which is considered as your body’s ‘feel-good transmitters’. So the next time you skip on your exercise, remember the consequences. 

Pick real foods whenever possible

One of the main reasons of family holiday stress involves the effect of festive foods on your health. You will have all the sugary cakes; jellies and cheese around you which is kind of irresistible, especially if you are a foodie (Are you?). It is always recommended to have food that grows in the ground or on the trees like fruits and vegetables, choose healthy fats (flax seeds and olive oil), legumes, lean proteins (organic chicken and fish), seeds and nuts.

Be polite when taking ‘comfort’ foods and drinks

Food and Drink Hamper

Holidays are a happy season and it is pretty normal for many of us to ‘cross the healthy line’ and get into the over use of alcohol, caffeine and sugar. Before you treat your body like a bin, promise yourself to be in your limits. Yes, be determined to have polite sips and bites along with a healthy, week-balanced diet of smart carbs like whole grains, fruits and vegetables; protein and fats. So, this holiday season when you crave for those candies, cookies, apple pie and pasta, ensure you had your meal right. For all the sugar addicts reading this, you need to be much vigilant when offered quickie carbs and desserts. 

Be a little more generous

Alleviating holiday stress is more in your hands than with the people around you. You need to be calm and composed from within and your generosity would speak it all. This year, try to be a little more generous with your friends, colleagues and loved ones. Being generous doesn’t mean to shower them with expensive gifts, but showering them with generous compliments. Offer a helping hand to a friend completing his/her dreaded errand or simply try writing a sweet, short poem for your loved ones. When you decide to show your love with generous remarks and real sentiments, people will appreciate it. 

Happy holidays!

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