The mirrors may be installed inside of the door or the outside. It is the choice of the homeowner to decide the side on which they want the mirror to be installed. The selection of the framed mirror sliding doors can be challenging if you are not creative and innovative. Most interior designers find it challenging working with homeowners who have no idea how the framed mirror sliding doors work or are installed.  For homeowners who are looking to buy sliding mirror doors for their homes, the content of this article is detailed enough to modernize and renovating you with the factors that you should consider before buying framed mirrors sliding doors.

The quality of reflection

Mirror Sliding Doors

Having mirrors that have high reflective index is important if you need a high-quality image when using them. The reflective index of the most attractive images is considered to be above 60%. Mirrors that have a lower CRI than that do not produce quality images. When being used for makeup application or dressing, it may be depressing and unsatisfactory to the user since the quality of the image produced is overly low. Mostly, the image may seem blurry and additional lighting may be required to enhance the image. When you are considering buying sliding glass doors for your closet, always enquire about the reflective index of the mirror so that you only get quality products in the long run.

The magnification capability

Mirror Sliding Doors

When framed mirror sliding doors are installed, you want the door to appear trendy and give your house a modern look. You will, therefore, need to have a mirror that has a   great magnification capability. This is a unique feature that makes it possible to have interesting images formed in the mirror. You should buy sliding glass doors that have mirrors which have a high magnification power. This way, they are also able to magnify a large part of the room which is essential for the improvement of interior décor.  The magnification capacity should be about 50% if you need quality images being formed on the mirror of the sliding door.


Size of the mirrors
Mirror Sliding Doors

The mirror you are to install on the sliding glass doors is dependent on the actual size of the door. A quality framed mirror sliding door should be precisely fitted so that it does not overlap with the adjacent walls. Mostly, if the mirror is placed on the outside, the edges should be well furnished to avoid any form of injury on the users. Since the mirrors and glass are framed, it would be safer to install mirror and glass on either the inside or outside of the mirror. It is recommended that you should be able to take precise measurements of your framed mirror sliding doors so that you can buy the right size of the mirror. When you buy the wrong size of the mirror, the interior of your home may not be attractive, and it will affect how your door opens or closes. Homeowners with no experience of identifying high-quality mirror for sliding doors find it difficult to work on DIY projects. They may require special tools to fix the mirrors and the doors into place.

The space available in your house

Mirror Sliding Doors

Sliding glass shower enclosure is mostly installed in homes that do not have enough space for the installation of the pivoted doors. When in need of buying framed mirror sliding doors, you ought to take the precise measurements so that you can ensure they fit in the available space exactly. This way, you will not need to identify the amount of space that is available for the door to open. Ideally, the sliding space should be enough to provide room for a comfortable passage.

The type of frame around the mirror

The frame that you have around the mirror should be of utmost importance when you buy sliding glass doors. This means that you have the choice of selecting the most suitable design that will make your home look elegant and attractive. To make a home look more modernized, you need to select a frame that is elegant and that introduces some warmth into the house. This will meant that there is no need to have an interior designer helping you to identify the most suitable frame. If the frame is artistic, then you should ensure that you have a creative mind that will help you identify just the right type of frame. The frame should complement the theme within your home since the primary objective is to introduce a more classy and trendy outlook of your home. If you need an artistic frame, you can contact a professional designer to customize the frame for you.


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