Install Ceiling Fans at Home

Tips to Replace and Install Ceiling Fans at Home

In this article, you will get to know a few tips from expert electrician North Shore to replace & install ceiling fans at home.

Summer is the best time when you seek refuge to elements that provides you immense relief. You can even find immense relief and comfort with the ceiling fan that is installed with the help of the electrician North Shore.

Fans are even used in the winter months in few places. The winters are the best time when warmer air can well circulate throughout the area of the ceiling.

Ceiling fans are good for our environment as compare to the air conditioning system. Moreover, this is a cost-effective way to maintain a good atmosphere inside your house or workplace.

Do you know that ceiling fans do not consume more than 25-90 watts of energy? Yes, it is true! On the other hand, if we talk about air conditioners then they can utilize 3500 watts.

There are several steps you need to consider while going ahead with a DIY ceiling fan installation. You can also well take the help from the electrician North Shore who can well assist you with the same here making the work a lot easier.

Here’s how to keep your household safe whilst installing a ceiling fan:

Installation Safety Rules

 Install Ceiling Fans at Home

Australia has strict regulations when it comes to working on the electrical systems in your home.

Individual states may vary slightly in rules but the general idea is the same: All electrical work must be performed by a licensed electrician. Under Australian law, the only electrical works that can be done as DIY jobs are changing a light bulb, installing low-voltage garden lighting and rewiring fuses.

Risks that are involved

Install Ceiling Fans at Home

The ceiling fans here come with a wall switch that will require professional help for installation, especially through the licensed electrician lower North Shore. This is done to make sure that you do not face any risks with safety nor that your warranties are now void.

Without an electrician, the following are the risks that are involved here:

  • You can well get electrocuted with faulty wirings and other electrical hazards.
  • If the circuits are not strong enough to handle excessive electrical loads there are risks related to fire outbursts. Fire outbreaks can also take place with faulty wiring.
  • The fan can also drop down on your head.
  • It might also void your insurance coverage.
  • There are some additional costs also there while the installations do not go the way you have planned earlier.

The location & the style of fan

Whether or not you are installing a new fan or replacing the older one will determine the location options that would vary on the same depending on all. The same location is well used by the existing fans.

While you are installing a new fan here, you might also need to consider the perfect solution for supplying power and electrical rewiring to the route that follows up with new wiring.

Removal of the fixtures

You need to uninstall the glass fitters initially if you need to remove the light fixtures that are there. You also need to remove the light bulbs, along with the canopy as well as the bracket while you need to remove the light bulbs here.

Installation of New Box

Ceiling Fans Home

For this, you can well take the help from the 24-hour electrician North Shore while you look into the replacement with one that is rated to support the new ceiling fan here.

You also need to go ahead with the removal of every screw whilst you undo the wiring connections here. You can also rotate it until it unscrews itself in a secured position with the installation of a new box into space.

You need to secure the bracket as well as the mounting box.

You also need to insert the mounting box into the ceiling space with an adjustable hanger bar which is used.

You need to provide secure support for the fan which is an essential attachment to the local in the electrical ceiling box. Once it is well in place it can reattach itself to the ground wire.

Ceiling fans also accomplices itself with mounting brackets. You can well attach them with the screws here as you hold the bracket well in place. They allow it to spin without making that noise to keep coming loose from the ceiling as the brackets here can accommodate a plastic half-ball joint here.

Assembling the Ceiling Fan

You need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the assembling of the fan here.

You need to connect them to the wiring before you attach the fan here to the bracket. You will also have a look at the underside to help each other while some fan kits are designed to secure the fan well.

You will also need to have another person for holding the fan in place while all the wires are connected here if your kit does not have this here.

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