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How to Be a Travel Blogger

Many people are starting blogs and those who like traveling love to be a Travel Blogger at some time. So this article will help out if you would like to start a travel blog there are many travel topics like Destinations, Religious Places, Hill Stations, Luxury Trains, Historical places etc. you can choose your best one topic. Some do it for an additional source of income and there are also those people who like to spread their travel experiences and share happiness.

  1. Realize The Need – A lot of travel blogs have various life spans as all do not stay online for a lengthy time. Realize this is a passion and not necessarily will generate any additional income soon as you start it. Start such a blog that you can write on from your line of interests.

Realize travel

  1. Suitable Name – Select a name that will match the product of your specialization or the webpage. Refrain from keeping an offensive name. Spend time like a couple of days to one week to think about a suitable name for your travel blog. The most important thing is to keep it simple and not hyphenated.
  2. Set Up Blog – After selecting a suitable name for your blog then set it up on a free platform or self – hosted one. There is also the most famous option for website domain hosting WordPress. There are many deals for start-up travel sites if you would like to take paid services.

Set Up Blog

  1. Travel Articles – Make sure to write content that will make the viewer/reader interested. The content must engage them so use simple language but make sure to put up high-quality content on your travel blogs. Use SEO for internet traffic and check out other tricks including social media network.

Travel Articles

  1. Focus on Niche – It is good to focus on your area of interest for the website content. For example, if you would like to post travel stories then keep it the same. Some travels bloggers like to write on specific single destination and continue… like Indian destination or subject. You can also invite reviews from visitors and travelers from around the world.
  2. Set Your Goals – This is the best way to work towards your goals. The best part on travel blogging is there is no competition other than your travel blog site. So, keep the visitor traffic stats, social networking traffic, etc. It is necessary to set realistic goals for yourself so you can check your progress on a real-time basis.

Goals travel

  1. Know Weaknesses – It is good to know how well you are doing from other publications. Check if it is the travel stories, website content, webpage design, or SEO strategies that are the weak point here. You may be good at one development such as the content but not good at the other necessary requirement like SEO, so hire an efficient person to do the task.
  2. Social Media Platform – Check out the suitable social networking platforms to drive traffic to your travel blog. There are new social networking sites starting very frequently. However, focus on the most famous and used social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter, youtube, Pinterest.

Social Media Platform

  1. Start Mailing List – If the visitor is checking out the travel content on your blog and likes it then there is not an issue to request if he /she likes it in their inbox. It helps to contact them directly too.
  2. Start Blogging – Some people prepare plans and content required to start the travel blog but actually starting up the blog is most important! When experience travel bloggers share their blogging tips many say that they wish that the blog started earlier.

Start Blogging

Start up your blog to Be a Travel Blogger successfully!

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