Production Vape Box

Top 5 Materials That Could Be Used For The Production Of Vape Box

Vape cartridge boxes are in great demand. They can be used as a marketing tool that helps you build your brand.We give best quality boxes.

Vape, CBD’s and E-cigarettes are not sold to the minor, so this post is not for the teenagers. In the recent era, people are more conscious of fashion couture for the vapes. Such vapes must be saved in protective and fashionable packaging.

Either you are going to hang them or store large quantity of the vapes, you need robust, strong, substantial and mesmerizing packaging. Inclusion to this, these are packed in cardboard, corrugated, Kraft, bux board and paper made cartons. 

Cardboard material made vape packaging

Production Vape Box

Cardboard is easily available, high end finishing material that is widely used for the production of retail, food, non-food and display products. Vape boxes are also made by the cardboard, such boxes are sturdy and look amazing when additional add-ons are applied to them. Such add-ons are the following;

  • UV coating
  • Glass coatings
  • Aqueous coatings
  • Spot UV
  • Foil stamping
  • Perforation
  • Window patching

Cardboard becomes more attractive and smooth when any of the above-mentioned coatings are applied to it. Inclusion to this, cardboard is affordable, easily die-cut and available in variety of thicknesses. 

Corrugated material made vape packaging

vape box packaging

Corrugation is another widely used packaging material with its unique properties and features. It is a sheet with 3 and more layers with A, B, C, and E flutes. Such flutes grades show the curves in a specific area and this is sturdy material. 

Its durability is high and used for heavyweight items lifting and transportation. No, custom vape cartridge boxes are also manufactured by the corrugated material. Besides this, proper labeling is required for the vapes. Few styles for the custom vape boxes are mentioned here;

  • One-piece carton
  • 2-piece carton
  • Straight tuck end
  • Reverse tuck end

Bux board material made vape packaging

Bux board is at the third position in the list and it is recyclable material. It is cost-efficient and uses for the lightweight cartridge packaging. Add to this, it is best for displaying product packaging. 

The major drawback of bux board is its rough and fragile behavior. These boxes can be torn easily and assemble into shape in a moment. So, the cartons that are made by bux board are cost-efficient, handy, catchy and affordable for you. 

Paper made vape packaging

Paper is very thin and easily folded into the desired shape with multiple creases. It can be torn and tape easily. For vapes gift packaging paper wrapping and paper-thin layered boxes are used. Such cartons carry lightweight items and have a zipper at the top. This zipper is used as a top closure end of the bag like shape of the paper made box. 

Eco-friendly material

Eco-friendly box material

If you love the environment and really want to save the environment. Then it should be known to you that packaging is the major thing that ruins the surroundings and destroying the life cycle. So, you should ban non-ecofriendly cartons packaging. Add to this, only buy eco-friendly boxes for the packaging of your product. 

All the above-mentioned materials are very common and widely used in the industry. By using such materials, you can save money time and yield high-end finishing options. 

In recent era, packaging deals with marketing campaigns appeal to the customers and pleas them. So, aesthetically made cartons are mandatory and essential. 

Thus, you can opt for any of them for your next vape cartridge packaging. But only go for customized and personalized packaging solutions. These are not only affordable but also attractive, eye-catching and appealing to the customers. 

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