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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Go Sailing In Croatia

Sailing is extremely popular in the beautiful country of Croatia but what are the top 5 reasons why you should do it?

Yachting has long been thought to be a preserve of high-profile names with deep pockets but down at the Dalmatian coast, sailing is an affordable experience for all with plenty to offer. You don’t need to be rolling in dough to get a slice of the action and that’s just one of the many reasons why Croatia is famous within sailing circles. Here are some of the others:

1) Many, many, many islands to explore

Not 10, not 100 but more than 1000 islands call the waters of the Adriatic home so it’s an understatement to say that you’ll be spoilt for choice in an expansive coastline spanning 5,800 km of which 4000 km is taken up by reefs, cliffs and countless landmasses. Moreover, Croatia boasts one of the most indented contours in the Mediterranean which is brimming with charming villages, secluded beaches/bays and dreamy, azure clear waters that one simply can’t get enough of.

2) Perfect Sailing Croatia Weather

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Very few Sailing Croatia destinations have the privilege of exotic destinations and the great weather to match and Croatia is among the handful that affords both. It is one of the sunniest spots in all of Europe and its climate is characterized by blistering summers- perfect for spending at sea- and mild winters that are still manageable sailable. Temperatures can soar up to 38 C during the sailing season which lasts from April through October with the latter months particularly appealing as they are less crowded yet still afford the dying embers of the niceties of summer complemented by occasional showers. October, April, and May are the months in question and they are also rife with excellent Sailing Croatia winds. Whenever you choose to go sailing in Croatia is the right choice.

3) World-class nautical infrastructure

Sailing Croatia travel

A sailing location is ever only as good as the nautical infrastructure behind it and, in this case, Croatia’s boot camps are among the best you’ll find across the globe. There are upwards of 50 marinas availing more than 100 possible docking destinations on the eastern coast of the Adriatic and these are not only well-built around gorgeous bays and picturesque towns but are also endowed with the latest amenities to ensure you feel at home away from home. From cafes to laundry services and anything in-between, you’ll want for nothing.

4) The Mediterranean is well preserved

Sailing Croatia travel

The country markets its tourism under the mantra of “the Mediterranean as it once was” and that perfectly sums up just how the landscape has been left virtually unchanged by centuries of evolution. The islands of Lastovo and Vis, for instance, look like places right out of the communist era with their vintage structures, indigenous vegetation and historical remains virtually unaffected by the changing world around it. You can experience the joys of locals fishing in the forgotten ways of decades-old practices as well as explore nostalgic vineyards and fields that’ll have you thinking you went back in time. It’s famous national parks such as Mljet, Kornati and Brijuni also propagate a similar theme of well-preserved natural beauty.

5) The Med cuisine has no equal

Sailing Croatia travel

Influenced by French, Illyrian, Roman and Greek culture, the rich gastronomy across the Dalmatian coast is one that attracts thousands to its shores. The country’s dishes are as exquisite as they are diverse and encompasses an assortment of tasty seafood, of course, as wells as savory vegetables and meats.

You’ll feel right at home in Croatia as the people there are also extremely warm and friendly. They are well versed in English, with a significant number also fluent in French, German and Italian and they are always willing to help out. The natives are also quite proud of their culture and are always eager to have a conversation about their history.

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