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A Traveller’s Guide to the Best Theme Parks in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the best places to travel in the world with your family. Folks are passionate about the thought of exploring the theme parks in this country. If you have children to deal with, visit nowhere but here!

Travel bloggers always recommend UK’s attractions during holiday seasons. Annually, holidaymakers plan hundreds of visits to theme parks and adventure parks in different corners of the world. If you are planning a family break with children of different age groups, continue reading.

I have prepared a list of the best theme parks in the United Kingdom. You can check it and add some places to your travel bucket list.

Popular Theme Parks in the United Kingdom

From roller coasters to dodging cars, every theme park brings entertainment for visitors. Summer holidays are the most popular time of the year to explore these parks.

  • Blackpool Pleasure Beach
  • Drayton Manor Theme Park
  • Flamingo Land Resort
  • Alton Towers
  • Lightwater Valley Theme Park
  • Gulliver’s World Theme Park
  • Legoland Windsor Resort

This list will help you pick the adventure spot your family needs.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

The Blackpool Pleasure Beach is England’s number one theme park. This enthusiastic park is situated on the Flyde coast in Blackpool. You may find it among one of the most popular travel destinations in the United Kingdom. Interestingly, the Attractiontix discount codes are a thrifty way to enjoy your holiday here.

This adventurous spot comprises several breathtaking roller coasters. The famous rides in this park include the following.

  • The Blue Flyer
  • The Big Dipper
  • The Nickelodeon Streak
  • The Grand National

You can enjoy more than 125 attractions and rides in this park. It caters to the adventure needs of almost every tourist.

Drayton Manor Theme Park

The Drayton Manor Theme Park is also popular as the home of Thomas Land. This astonishing theme park creates a fun-filled family break for people of different age groups. From a perfect family ride to a thrilling activity, this adventure spot offers a plethora of attractions. Among its famous rides, do not miss the following.

  • The Carousel
  • The Air Race
  • The Shockwave
  • The Bounty Pirate Ship

Besides, this park owns a 15-acres zoo to attract tourists. It includes many animals like tigers and mongooses. In Thomas Land, you can find over 25 rides like The Cranky Crane and Toby’s Tram Express. Further, it also possesses an onsite hotel offering 150+ bedrooms to all.

Flamingo Land Resort

The Flamingo Land Resort serves as a theme park, zoo, and a resort. The two most famous attractions in this adventure destination include Hero and Pterodactyl. While Hero is the name of a suspended flying roller coaster, Pterodactyl serves as a vertical swing located in the Dino-Stone Park.

You can also find a zoo in this astonishing resort with thousands of animals like,

  • Hippos
  • Baboons
  • Brazilian tapirs

Further, this park consists of more than 50 attractions and rides to delight tourists of all age groups. If you are visiting with young ones, the Children’s Planet is your best bet.

Alton Towers

The Alton Towers will always remain among the best theme parks in the United Kingdom for all age groups. From entertaining toddlers to delighting the adults, this park can do wonders. Tots adore the CBeebies Land and leave parents at rest.

You will love to experience the exciting rides Oblivion and Rita in this park. These two attractions bring teenagers as well as adults on every visit. This theme park makes a holidaymaker believe that fun is never ending. Therefore, it has the following rides to pump your blood.

  • The Forbidden Valley
  • The X-Sector
  • The Katanga Canyon

Before you leave this memorable spot, make sure to experience the magical boat ride – In the Night Garden!

Lightwater Valley Theme Park

The Lightwater Valley Theme park is another attraction in the UK for adventurers of all ages. This park is a tiny destination with approx 35 rides. Nevertheless, it is home to The Ultimate – the longest roller coaster all over the Europe covering 2.4 km of airtime and speed.

This ride is the signature attraction of this mid-size park. Besides, visitors from all over the planet plan their holiday to spend a day in the fun rides here. From entertaining kids in its indoor Soft Play & Cafe, to splashing adults in The Wild River Rapid, this park brings everything.

Gulliver’s World Theme Park

The Gulliver’s World Theme Park is a special version of the best theme parks in the United Kingdom. This family-oriented attraction brings thrills and laughter for people of all ages. It especially caters to the desires of kids from age 2-13. Moreover, if you book your tickets around two days prior to your visit, there are maximum chances of enjoying special discounts on the rides.

You can come in for an exciting time and make memories in the fantasy world of Alice’s Wonderland too. If you are planning to visit with children, make sure to take a ride in the Mad Hatter’s Teacups. Folks are crazy about the tiny caterpillar roller coaster in this park.

Legoland Windsor Resort

The Legoland Windsor Resort is all about kids of 3-12 years. People call it as the children’s paradise among all the best theme parks in the United Kingdom. You can always plan a vacation at this mesmerising theme park. It offers a chance to stay at The Legoland Windsor Resort.

Interestingly, this fantasy park covers over 55 attractions and engaging rides. Tourists also get the chance to enjoy live shows in this unforgettable world of adventures and excitement. You will love to fly through the treetops here and make the most of your family break.

Are You Ready For An Adventure?

Take a day off in and visit to one of the best theme parks in the United Kingdom. Plan an adventure with your family and you may come up with impossible experiences. Have fun and share memories of your fantasy vacation in the comments below.

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