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Top 7 SEO Techniques to Help Boost your Traffic in 2019 and Beyond!

Looking out for the best SEO techniques to boost your traffic this 2019? Click on to know some such SEO tips and tricks 2019 and witness the rise in SERP!

Pandas and penguins –dual pack of cuteness – aren’t they? 

Well, unfortunately, the same can’t be said about these updates of the algorithm. Google Panda and Penguin continues to be a nightmare for those seeking to cheat past the SEO system. With the ‘under-the-table’ doors closed, individuals are left with nothing but the legal and authorized SEO techniques to top the SERP. 

So, what is it this 2019 that can make your rank shoot north? Let’s check these out–

1. Bucket brigade copywriting technique – eh? What’s that?

If this is your question – well, then it’s time to bring in some changes. Let’s get you to understand the Bucket Brigade Copywriting technique.

Heard about ‘bounce rate’? A nightmare of all website owners isn’t it? Bucket brigade copywriting technique ensures this. It increases user engagement by introducing a hurdle-free flow in the content. At present, the best article writing services are designing their content so that one paragraph leads to another – much like J.K. Rowling’s series –‘un-put-downable’.

So, make sure that the transitions in your content are smooth enough to let your reader read through to the end of it and yearn for more!

2. Dig in deep for quality backlinks!

Backlinks SEO

Easily the champion of SEO tips and tricks 2019, digging in for backlinks forms the core to a quality content that dictates authority and retains brand’s credibility. With backlinks from websites with high domain authority to your website, the SERP is bound to shoot up. This would also help you have the edge over your competitors and enhance the reliability of your website –ideal food for web crawlers. 

3. Let your content’s brain be RankBrain-friendly

The rising importance of RankBrain in the algorithm realm leads to the most common necessity – a content adhering by its norms. While RankBrain is a successful algorithm, breaking down a query into word vectors, thereby fetching for relevant answers; gaining visibility is only feasible if one incorporates its hailed agenda –

Medium tail-keywords = Better click-throughs!

4. Social media – you inexpensive marketing souk

Social Media Strategy

Look around, people and their twiddling thumbs keep scrolling down a social media platform. Seems like that the craze for this era. So what are you waiting for? Grab on to social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Post your content and enjoy watching the boost in your traffic!

5. Infographics – ‘Catcher in the Eye’

The best SEO tips and tricks 2019 include Infographics – a much trending technique for the SEO world. As per the latest statistics, 41.5% of marketers were found saying that illustrations and Infographics got them better responses via traffic boost. Infographics are one sure-fire way to simplify even the most complicated of content topics. 

5. All hail ‘target audience’!

The focus of your SEO techniques must focus and take into consideration the varying and trending requirements of your target audience. Analyze their latest favourites in social platforms, reviews, and blogs – and post your content accordingly to grab their attention. 

6. ‘Bolt’ up your page’s loading speed!

While the world shifts from desktop to mobile phones, the need for website loading speed increases across the years; thus, this becomes a necessary inclusion in the list of SEO techniques for 2019 and beyond. Thus, in case you are looking ahead to boost your SERP this year, make sure that your website’s content is appealing enough without adding on to the speed of your site.

With these 7 top tricks and tips for SEO, your site and best content writer in India are soon to ‘catch the eye’ of the targeted audience. While you enjoy this increasing traffic, make sure to adhere by the motto of the best content writer in India – keep your focus on Voice Search Optimization and how it steadily infiltrates the content bubble. 

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