Top 8 places to visit in Neral

Kondana Caves

Kondana Caves, settled comfortably amidst a thick backwoods close to Kondana Village, 33 kilometers north of Lonavala and around 15 kilometers from Karjat, Maharashtra. These caverns were found in the first century BC and comprise of many-sided and fragile carvings of Buddhist design. Albeit a seismic tremor in 1900 harmed a few pieces of the caverns, the current designs merit seeing. One can go for a walk in the caverns and experience the grand emanation of the stone-cut construction. The magnificence of these caverns has cascades close by which look lovely during rainstorm.


Peth Fort

Kothaligad is a little stronghold toward the east of Karjat on the Karjat-Murbad street. It is called Peth stronghold due to its area to the Peth Village. It is well known in Karjat for journey since it is little in stature and simple to climb. There is additionally a cavern and a little sanctuary at the foundation of the post.


Traveling in Karjat

Peth Fort is arranged toward the east of Karjat. It is acclaimed in Karjat for journey since it’s little in tallness and simple trip. There is likewise a cavern and a little sanctuary at the foundation of the stronghold.

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Kothligad Trek

Kothligad (or Peth) is a slope stronghold in Maharashtra. It is situated at an unassuming rise of 1500 feet in the Raigad locale of the state. The apex of the fortification is molded as an upward channel, loaning it an exceptional look. There are caves cut out of tremendous rocks at the highest point of the post, close by a lake totally square fit. There are storages of water inside the fortification. A variety of gun balls can be discovered dissipated inside the strengthened dividers. The veryical burrow has enormous cool rooms and open caverns, alongside the flights of stairs which lead to the top. The highest point of the post presents a picteresque perspective on the backwoods of Bh’ma Shankar toward the North and the zenith of Dhak-Bahiri towards the South-West.


Shopping in Karjat

You can purchase pots and craftsmanship items made by individuals from the towns in Karjat.

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Bhivgad Trek

Bhivgad (or Bhimgad) is a slope post in Maharashtra. Situated in the area of Raigad, this post offers a decent trip in close friendship to the fortress of Dhakbahiri. There are two caverns and a couple of water reservoirs at the top. During storm, this fortification offers the picturesque perspective on an occasional cascade. There are a few strongholds actually left, and the leftovers of some old constructions close to the top. There is a stone icon of some obscure god close to the caverns. The highest point of the bastion offers an all encompassing perspective on the trip course to Dhakbahiri.

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Bhivpuri Waterfalls

Arranged around 90 kms from Mumbai in Karjat, Bhivpuri Waterfalls is a hypnotizing course of water from a precipice. Settled in the midst of astonishing environmental factors and lavish vegetation, the cascade is a mainstream place of interest in the locale. It is ideal to visit these falls during August – September when the spout of the water is pleasant. The water is quiet and safe for families to play in and have a good time, while daredevils may likewise decide to rappel through the cascade.


The region around Mumbai and Pune and is overwhelmed with great slope posts bragging clearing all encompassing vistas and pleasant remains of the previous constructions. One of these similarly wonderful slope strongholds is Kothaligad, arranged at 3000 ft. above ocean level and found east to the town of Karjat in Maharashtra. Albeit moderately little in size, the fortress offers one of the popular traveling trails nearby. Otherwise called ‘Fortress of Peth’ due to its area to the town of Peth, Kothaligad has a ton to bring to the table to the vacationers. From bounteous nature to magnificent environmental factors and captivating perspectives on the valley, you will be left awestruck at the general quality of the spot.


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