The internet is the best place to reach people easy and fast. To do this you need a website that is accessed from all corners of the world. Any type of business can start a website – whether big or small which is very crucial if you want to reach the masses. It also saves you a lot of time, energy and money you could have used to travel out there looking for clients.

Your clients can also get detailed information about your business and where you are found. And this also saves them time and energy. A website allows the business owner to collect information about their clients through forms. Now that you know how important a website is, it’s time for development. The question is, do you go for a freelance web developer or a fully-fledged WordPress development company? That is why I found it necessary to write this post to help you make a wise choice.

One thing about freelance web developers is that they like to rush projects so that they can jump to another one leading to shady done jobs with low quality. This will give you problems in the future. To most of them, it’s all about money and nothing else. However, there are some who do exemplary work in a professional way although they are rare to find.

The problem is that you don’t have that time to look for one so it’s either you waste your time looking for the right freelance WordPress developer or just settle for a web development agency. Managing people is also very hard. Of course, you don’t expect a freelance web developer to have all the web skills such as web design, web development, and SEO solutions. You’ll have to deal will different persons who specialize in each of them. Again this is time-consuming and time is of the essence and you can’t afford to waste.

On the other hand, we have a web development company or agency, which according to me, is the best option. Although their services are not cheap, they will give you peace of mind as they develop projects and the end results will also be desirable. At the end of it all, you will get value for your money and so much more. With that said, here are 5 major reasons why you should choose a website agency over a freelance web developer.

A Web Agency has a Whole Package

One major benefit of hiring a web development agency over a freelancer is that web development agencies comprise of experts. They include developers, designers, marketers, SEO experts, and other fields related to website development. If your goal is to build an effective website that is engaging, one person handling all these aspects is not enough.

You also need to market your website and web development will give that and more. The beauty of it is that every department has an expert with years of experience and will give excellent services. For efficiency purposes, it’s better to hire a web development agency. You can also expect web agencies to build a user-friendly website. A freelance web developer, on the other hand, will claim to offer all these services but he does not specialize in any one of them. This means he has very little knowledge in each one of them.


At the end of it all, you will get errors and poor user-experience due to a rushed shady done job. If you care about your users, you will seek professional web development services from a reputable agency. Since web agencies have enough manpower, your projects are done in time. Project managers are there to supervise all the processes of development to make sure that they meet the stipulated deadline. If one employee calls in sick, another one can easily step in, meaning that the project will not pause.

Easy to Work With

Working with web development agencies is very easy. You don’t have to follow them around, reminding them that the project is almost due or ask about progress status. The project is done in a professional way with experts in the industry. There is no such thing as “oops! We are afraid we won’t be able to meet the deadline”. They deliver every time and will always give you more than what you bargained for.

Web development companies need to protect their reputation and don’t want to spoil the good relationship they have with clients. As the project advances, you will get frequent updates so you can sleep easy as you wait for them to finish the project. You can get signed for NDA or ask for documents. When the project is complete, you can ask for changes if you are not impressed with something. They are willing to guide you throughout the process and show you how to run the website and what to do if you meet technical issues.

Great Customer Support and Cooperation

Working with a web development agency is awesome as they give you support when there is a problem or ask and get answers before a project begins, and when they finish. You will also get bugs fixed, maintenance, and other improvements. On the other hand, working with freelance is quite hectic.

Once they finish with projects they don’t want to be bothered with support issues since they are very busy chasing other projects. They are also reluctant in implementing changes and you will have to follow them around. Working with web development agencies is better because you can count on them when problems arise months after the project ends.

Expert Business Advice 

When you want to develop a website you need advice on various aspects of it. A freelance developer may build a website for you, but will not give you free professional advice on how to do your business. Every online business needs advice to thrive. One great thing about professional web development agencies is that they are always willing to give business advice at no extra cost. Having a website isn’t just enough; you also need professional advice for your website to thrive.

Final thoughts

When I started a website, I was not aware of all the benefits that come with a web development agency and it really took a toll on me when I decided to go for a freelance web developer. However, there are very few freelance developers who know their trade and can treat the client well. If you are just starting out and not working on a budget, just go for a web development agency because it will cost less eventually.


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