How To Transfer Photos From Android to iPhone

Having to move all the stuff from one phone to another is a hectic, boring and time-consuming task. But if followed right paths and mechanisms, it can become a really cool and safe practice. How safe? Because it will certainly make a backup of your Transfer Photos and important files, which can then be accessed later in the time of need. Sending or transferring photos from phones that run different operating systems such as Android and iPhone also becomes a hectic practice but here how to quickly do it.

Google Transfer Photos :

Google Transfer

The simplest and easiest method to transfer photos from android to iPhone is using Google Transfer Photos. But it is also very easy and useful to transfer from iPhone to Android devices. All you need to have is an active internet connection and the rest is a just a click of buttons. Here’s how to do it on Android and Apple phones.

First of all, you need to have a Google account and then make sure the backup and sync option has been enabled on your smartphone. If not you can go to settings to switch backup with Google Photos on. Now that you have every ingredient mixed on Android side, the next step is to bake them right at Apple’s side. Get Google Transfer Photos app installed and download all the required images.

File sharing apps:

File sharing apps

Somehow you cannot backup and sync with Google Transfer Photos, say for example you do not have an active internet connection. No worries, not a big deal, you’ve still got a solution and that is via a file sharing app. File sharing apps like helps users to share files, images, and documents from one mobile device to another irrespective of the software platform.

All you need to have is SHAREit installed on both the phones. And a short distance communication will kick start quickly and you will be able to send and receive images at either of the devices.



Unlike the upper methods, this one is a little more time consuming and hectic in nature but lets you easily move Transfer Photos to any device safely and quickly. Download and install iTunes on your laptop or PC and connect the device to it. Before this, you can copy all the images from Android phone to the personal computer. You can then upload and sync the images using iTunes interface.

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