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3 Image Editors For Windows You Should Know About

We store tons of photos in our PCs but only ‘professionals’ do care about those Image Editors memorable moments they’ve captured. They try to enhance those captured moments by giving a touch up on those photos. So, if you think you want to be one of a ‘professionals’ then this list is gonna be very helpful for you.

  1. GIMP Image Editors

Image Editors

This is PRO software! Yes, this is it. If you’re searching for the best Image Editors editing experience for free then it is made for you. You can use too many plugins with it. The interface is clean. It is much of a Photoshop alternative. This editor can apply effects, masks, layers so accurately. It’s a very handy editor for manipulating images. It is a free open source Image Editors editing platform so you will get most of the professional features for free. You can also use extensions according to your need. Scaling photo is very easier on it. Color profiles, curves etc. tools work so smoothly. You can save the edited photo in any formats. Oh! Don’t forget the ‘toolbox’ which will accelerate your editing speed much faster. So if you want to get the most breathtaking Image Editors editing experience for free then you should give it a try. It won’t disappoint you.

  1. Paint.NET


Wait, don’t misunderstand that it is developed by Microsoft! Microsoft developed ‘Paint’ which is basically very lightweight while comparing with Paint.NET. In simple words it is‘Paint’ with too many advanced features. In equation INTERFACE OF PAINT+ADVANCED FEATURES=Paint.NET. So you will enjoy working with it. The layers and filters it has which will just blow your mind away. Trust me those effects and layers is so smooth and accurate. It is very enjoyable to edit photos on it and the eye-catching fact about this editor is about supporting plugins which are generally missing on most of the free Image Editors editing software. Obviously, it is not as powerful as GIMP but it will get your work done.

  1. PhotoScape


This is another free photo editor for you to give the premium grade experience. The interface may distract you when you start to work on this editor for the first time but when you will continue editing with it you’ll be surprised. It has so many premium filters to highlight your photos. You’ll be impressed to see the features which will be enough for you to show your creativity. Of course, don’t think it as competitors of GIMP or Photoshop. It will be suited perfectly for beginners to be familiar with the entry advanced level features. You won’t have to sacrifice any major feature while using it. It will give you enough paces to keep doing editing. If you just stepped in Image Editors editing world then you should try it first. You will love it in action!

There are also many free editing clients but this three will give you a different taste of editing in different aspects. Sometimes you may receive a msvcp110.dill is missing error when installing the software. If it will happen please download latest version of msvcp110.dll file and install it in the Windows system directory.

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