Trendy Summer Dress

Trendy Summer Dress 2019: How to Choose it and Wear it?

Every season, these stylish ladies debut the latest and greatest fashion looks, and Spring/Summer 2019 was no exception. .

Summer is coming and with it the promise of hot, sunny days. We are all impatient to put the sweaters in the closet and bring out our skirts and our favorite dresses, but even more urgent, let’s face it, to renew our wardrobe for the summer season.

To us, the beautiful summer dresses. Summer dress long, short, white, colorful, flowery, chic or fluid, they sublimate all women and all types of silhouettes. We give you here some tricks to choose and wear the summer dress that will really highlight you, according to your morphology.

Summer dress 2019

Trendy Summer Dress

The summer unstitched dress 2019 is always a must-have piece, which finds its place in the dressing room of any woman, whatever her age and whatever her morphology. There are tons of versions, from the strapless dress to the backless dress to the dancer dress, they are worn for any occasion and are always the most beautiful effect … when they are well worn.

The essential white summer dress

white summer dress

The white summer dress is of course the dress to get, if it is not already done, to highlight its romantic and bucolic side. Perfect in spring or summer, the white dress can be declined to infinity, lace, cotton, fluid, tight or flounced, everything is allowed. Fine silhouettes may dare short cuts, while luscious women will choose a mid-length or long dress.

Summer dress for a wedding

For parties, weddings or outdoor parties, the summer dress can also be a dressy outfit, paired with pretty shoes and a few accessories, such as a clutch and / or some jewelry. This long and black summer dress would be ideal for a reception or cocktail, preferably if you are tall and thin. Choose this model of summer dress very chic to go for example to a wedding. A flowing fabric dress with ruffles and a waistband will adapt to both a fine morphology and a luscious silhouette.

The summer dress large size for women round

Summer dresses

One of the perfect summer ready to wear dresses for round women is the halter dress. A maxi neckline in the back will indeed make you super sexy, on a summer dress long or medium-length fluid fabric. A belt at the waist will balance nicely the silhouette, while draped fabrics and asymmetrical cuts will erase the curves of the belly and the handles of love. A large size summer dress with multicolored patterns is perfect for an afternoon shopping or a day out with friends.

For fine silhouettes

Fine silhouettes have the chance to try anything. Short, long, sleeveless, with straps, indented, plain or variegated, the summer dress will make you irresistible regardless of its shape, on the only condition that it is perfectly adjusted to your size.

Nothing like a lightweight fabric to give movement and showcase lanky women. A beautiful floral summer dress would suit you perfectly, as well for a walk in town associated with sandals, or for a chic evening if you wear it with high heels.

For small

If you are rather small, opt for short summer dresses, stopping above the knee, which will lengthen your legs. Some ruffles, ribbons or fabrics draped at the bust will perfectly balance the silhouette. You will be exquisite in a dress model strapless bustier for example. 
The printed tunic dress can also be a wise choice in summer for a casual look, worn under a denim jacket and paired with flat sandals.

So get ready to fill your wardrobe with dresses for the summer. The models are so numerous that you could have a different one for each day. Remember to look at the size of your dress before going to the checkout, because a summer dress must be perfectly adjusted to the size. 

Every detail counts! You now have all the tricks in hand to know which type of dress will put you in the greatest value. You can check online for more products at Kross culture and shop your favorite collection.

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