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Want a Breathtaking Tattoo? Choose from Eight Gothic Designs

If you are planning to get a tattoo, consider opting for goth or gothic style, which can spice up your overall outlook. Major options are thegrim reaper, skull, etc.

Have you been planning on getting a tattoo? If yes, make sure to choose a visually appealing and profoundly meaningful design, which can not only rejuvenate outer appearance but also highlight significant aspects of character. Now from among diverse options readily available, gothic or goth has acquired most popularity. Innovated during 1980s as a reaction to excessively colourful disco era, besides death, it represents creativity, intellectualism, aestheticism, etc. For details, please check out below-mentioned pointers.

1. Skull

Renowned tattoo artists Melbourne have defined skull as a rebel’s hallmark. Simple yet bold, it retained fame throughout generations. Although generally associated with mortality, etching this particular motif on skin shows your urge to protect valuables and overcome obstacles imposed by life.

2. Tarot

Tarot tattoo

While most contemporary consumers might not believe in tarot card reading, the procedure has inspired a wide range of tattoos. Apart from spirituality and hope for renewal, it also tends to illustrate deep love relationships. You can easily manifest your affection and care towards your partner. Now isn’t that great?

3. Black Cat

Black cat is usually related to Pagan religious beliefs, occult, and witchcraft. You might feel like etching this little creature on your skin because it looks gorgeous, and creates a sense of enigma. Black cat tattoos also symbolise feminism, or in other words, complete independence from male dominance.

4. Pentacle or Five

Rose Tattoos woman

Pointed Star-Five-pointed star encompassed by a circle, also known as pentacle, has impressed larger segments of population in absolutely no time. It depicts safety, and how life as well as nature is constantly changing. Through a pentacle, we can anticipate for a better future

5. Four Elements of Nature

Four elements of nature, which have lately become a theme for tattoos are as follows:

  • Fire symbolises resourcefulness, energy, freedom, passion, vision, anger, and dynamism.
  • Water is applauded for having cleansing power. It can be used to wash away all the sins you have committed until now.
  • Air represents knowledge, perception, learning, imagination, harmony, and travel. Remember this source of life can transform into something destructive when triggered.
  • Finally, yet importantly, earth is an epitome of orderliness, stability, fertility, sustenance, nourishment, physical abundance, wisdom, permanence, and introspection.

6. Grim Reaper

According to legends, a grim reaper appears when a person is nearing death. He uses his sharp scythe to neatly separate body from soul, and then carries the latter to Hell or Heaven, final resting place. Other meanings that you can attribute to this motif include fragility, darkness, fearlessness, and luck.

7. Athame

Athame, knife with double-edge and black handle, is an immensely important ritual tool used for purifying people’s conscience before they can remember God. It also brings forth wide range masculine traits namely aggression, strength, courage, action, force, and authority.

8. Viking Rune

Best tattoo artists Victoria emphasised on significance of Viking Rune, which is laced with plenty connotations that any man would love. Splendid symbols of a long lost culture, it looks good on chest, sleeve, back, side ribcage, inner arm, calves, shoulder, nape of neck, etc.

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