Turn Shatter to Liquid

Turn Shatter to Liquid

If you are a lover of Marijuana or one of its serious addicts, you’ll agree with me that smoking is gradually going into extinction. Apart from the inconvenience it causes that you can’t enjoy it just anywhere, smoking is also a danger to your health. Vaping is now the most accepted way of marijuana consumption almost everywhere in the world.

The Electronic Liquid is what you need to have in your vape pen to enjoy the vaping. You can get hold of this in stores or preferably prepare it at your comfort. Getting a store-grade liquid might not guarantee you the quality you really desire due to their interest in optimizing profit, but your hand-made DIY Liquid will give you all the quality you desire. You can decide to prepare it in large quantities to save or even in desired quantities whenever you are in need. Once you have the raw material, shatter, in the desired quantity, you can easily turn the shatter to liquid for yourself.

You can go as far as making your shatter if you will.  This way, you’ll be using your homemade raw material until you get your desired product. Worthy of note is the fact that making your vape liquid gives you all the liberty to provide yourself with the best version of the liquid. Talking about the flavors you can apply to the liquid to make it sound nice and even the cost-effectiveness of making your liquid while its quality is not compromised. You’ll agree with me that you will always want to become your manufacturer for your electronic liquid any day, any time.

The use of shatter in making a different flavor and range of liquids is due to its physical and chemical uniqueness. Other Cannabis extracts that can be used in the process are wax, distillate, Co2oil, live resin, sauce, shatter, and rosin.  For marijuana patients, this Do It Yourself Solution is like a Lifesaver as it has taught them to minimize the cost of getting themselves the Cannabis extract at a very cheap cost.

Materials and Tools Needed to Turn Shatter to Liquid includes:

  • Cannabis concentrate: In this case, we use the shatter
  • Diluent: This is usually a blend of polyethylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, depending on the manufacturer.
  • A container to carry out mixingTerpenes: This is the flavoring agent that gives your liquid a unique flavor.
  • Syringes: Either with a needle or not, you need a syringe to transfer the product into the storage tank.
  • Element to carry out the heating process: This could be your microwave or even your stove.
  • Stirrer: You need to always be on top of the stirring to ensure that all components are well mixed.
  • Mixing Glass/Bottle: This is the reaction vessel where you do all the mixing until you obtain the final product.

Producing Your Liquid From Shatter

This process is one of the simples’ processes you can do to save a significant amount of money. It is not time-consuming and requires limited resources to carry out.

Step 1: Having your stove or microwave in place, measure the desired amount of shatter into the glass and heat to melt it completely.

Step 2: Confirm that the melting is uniform by stirring continuously during fusion.

Step 3: When the uniformity is confirmed, add your liquefier and terpene to the melted shatter and mix vigorously. The amount of liquefier you will use depends on the manufacturers’ recommendation, which you can always see on the bottle label.

Step 4: Heat gently again while stirring for a few seconds until the resultant product is homogenous.

Step 5: Now, your liquid is available, and you should store it in your vape tank, ready to use. Here’s where you use the syringe to carefully transfer the liquid into the vape pen without any form of impurity.

For Marijuana patients, having enough vape liquid to depend on is like having some kind of lifesaver, especially when you can personally make it for yourself in about 10 minutes.


Having timely access to Liquids might not be as demanding as many people think. It looks like an impossibility to get this done within your home while you save reasonably. Try it out, and I promise you that you will stop buying in shops.

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