Wedding Lighting Ideas

3 Vital Tips to Organiser a Wedding Outdoors

What an idea to celebrate such an important day of life in the lap of nature Wedding Lighting Ideas! Below the blue skies with the quixotic breeze blowing through your soft curls and surrounded by the green and sheen ambiance that is studded by the flamboyance of the wildflowers – that is exactly how we envision it!

But time and again we do need a reality check to stay prepared! So here are some of the essential tips that will help to organize the perfect outdoor wedding party in the middle of nowhere where the guests can enjoy to the core as you exchange the vows and rejoice this grand occasion!


  • Rent a Marquee – Though you and your guests enjoy your day in the open air, the weather may not let you do it. Nobody wants to let their guests get drenched or feel too heated in the sun all day. That is why you should go for arranging something big enough where all can be comfortably seated whenever they feel like.

You also do not want your guests to be exposed to the elements while they are munching on the meal. That is why the marquee is the first thing that you need to arrange for to sit in and make sure that everything is set up and is going as planned.

  • Power Up – It is true that Mother Nature has arranged for the setup but what about the lighting, temperature control, and the sound? If there is no electricity at your site then you will need generators for amps and speakers for your DJ and music, for the kitchen appliances of your caterers and for the optimum Wedding Lighting Ideas if the party continues after sunset.



No matter what the time of the year is, portable heaters, fans and air-conditioning are almost always essential for any event. That is why it is suggested that you let an electrician survey the venue to get an idea of how much power you need.

  • Hire the Required Pieces of Furniture – In order to turn the marquee into a Wedding Lighting Ideas venue, you will require a lot of furniture pieces starting from chairs and tables to lounges and bars. Otherwise, your marquee will look like an overvalued tent in the field.

At the time of opting for bar hire, you need to decide whether it should be static one that will be taking money or a simple front for serving the drinks. This will decide whether you need licenses or not and that is why you need to decide this from much before. After all, you must be wedding outdoors conform to all the requirements.  The furniture hire company whom you appoint will have known about this. So you can take help for getting the right information from them in this case.

Wedding Lighting Ideas

Apart from the ones mentioned above you also need to arrange for the caterers and the theme décor to complete the arrangements. If you keep the above in mind you will be able to host the big day in a grand way outdoors that people will remember for a long time to come for all the right reasons.


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