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VR Technology:New way of functioning in Retail and CPG Industry

We are in the phase where the retail revolution is spontaneously moving ahead with technology. This pace is not showing any signs of slowing down. The advanced technology such as VR Technology is giving confidence to CPG industry and retail to resonate with customers. The implementation of Virtual reality in these sectors is quick, affordable and with ease from both perspectives.

Many are companies in the retail sector are adopting this technology, trying to stay competitive in the market. Therefore, it is a new way of working using VR Technology that can maximize productivity and generates better configurations when working on a large scale.

VR Technology in CPG Industries

Virtual Reality Technology


Talking about CPG industries, VR Technology is making their vision come to life. Hence, it allows in creating new types of store environments to meet the challenges of the changing online consumer. It allows the retailer to virtually manage space and generate better configurations in every sphere.

Analyze: Shopper can analyze the store through eye-tracking and AI integration for extremely powerful market research decisions.

Optimize: It helps in improving in-store activities and budget activities that effectively supports trade marketing and sales force in terms of productivity.

Digital content: VR Technology solutions for CPG market provide a virtual stop for uploading, organizing, and leveraging all type of digital retails assets.

Virtual simulation: It is all new dimension where hyper-realistic VR simulations assist CPG and retailer for prototyping, visualizing and presenting products.

Insights and Analytics: VR Technology solution is an advanced way to understand and better predict real-world shopping behavior for the user.

Virtual Reality in Retail Sector

Virtual Reality Technology

With time customers are looking for more engaging and personalized shopping experiences. Unlike any other technology, the VR platform offers the most engaging customer environments to interacts with all the components.

There are many solutions with respect to Retail such as floor planning, shelf planning that offers environments to observe and understand shopping behaviors. These VR Technology platforms are integrated with leading research survey engines, that is why it is easy to use.

VR applications and Retail industry are coming up with new possibilities that only VR can harness. The customer can validate and quantify the product at the point of purchasing.

VR is adopted widely enough with a meaningful future with consumer engagement prospect. Now it is an opportunity for business, marketers and other big tech firms to utilize Virtual reality.

Virtual reality empowers CPG Industry and retailers

Virtual Reality Technology

VR is helping in instant visualizing the store which is enhancing the user’s experience. The new retail concepts which include virtual store outlets and shelf configurations that can be virtually configured without any hassle.

Online customers are looking for more engaging and personalized shopping experiences. Thus, VR is offering a fast, risk-free and cost-effective way to visualize products before finalizing in the physical world.

VR new concepts summarize with any organization’s legacy planning and execution tools for optimal efficiency. It is helping in the collaboration with stakeholders anywhere, anytime with live, immersive and interactive navigation.

Apart from that VR is blending localized and big retailer to fulfill user demands based on real user’s stats and sales parameters. The user can compare multiple products library including details over more than thousands of global market products. Marketing is expanding to a new level to gain stakeholder with control over virtual store environments and hundreds of thousands of products.

VR in Retail & CPG Industry: Use Cases & Solutions

Virtual Reality Technology

For the automobiles industry, there is a range of VR solution, cutting-edge display devices, and techniques. This Virtual Reality solution experience allows users to walk around to explore the car.

Thus the user can utilize the large play area using the VR headset such as HTC Vive to check the features of the car. The user can digitally interact with a virtual car and people can take a virtual test drive of new models.

With advanced lighting effects, a test drive is in a much more ‘realistic’ way than a regular driving simulator. Therefore, the user can take an idea from the highly optimized and visualized solution with an advance VR approach that provides the ultimate experience to the customer.

In the retail sector, VR is playing an important role, where the industry is considering the potential of virtual reality technology.

For example, the success of VR shopping is due to the fact that this industry has been closely embraced technology and innovation. An industry like Beauty and Fashion are taking their productivity to the next level. Likewise, in Furniture and Home Design is trend-setting these days. The technology is utilizing the virtual spaces that can move customers’ imagination and be used accordingly in VR App development.

The Food and Grocery companies are creating Virtual posters that enable VR technology to showcase a product. Thus, users are even allowed to like the product and purchase via VR App.

Bottom line…

There are many more innovations to come on all fronts, as we’re in the early days of VR acceptance. With time VR is going to in trend into both businesses and consumers prospect.

Business in retail stores with Virtual reality development solutions will more ably serve consumers looking to interact with real products in a digital way. Virtual Reality is nursing toward consumer experiences where businesses are using its solutions in the retail and CPG industry.

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