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Index Webpage Quickly in Search Engines

Indexing in SEO means search engine keep a record of the website.Sometimes it becomes a troubling issue to Index Search Engines blog or page for new bloggers. Getting website indexed is the only way to the success of website or blog. Use good server for web hosting and make sure your website is fast.


First of all, create a sitemap of your website. A sitemap is the big boss of all other methods. It is an XML format document on the website that tells to crawlers how big this website is, what most important pages are and where content located. After creating submit a sitemap to search engines. It helps to index bulk of pages in search engines.

Submit Website To Search Index Search Engines

Index Search

It takes a moment to submit website to search engines, Submit your website to most popular search engines e.g. Google, Bing, and Yahoo Etc. Use Google Search console to submit website to Google. Here you need to verify ownership of website and then you can submit easily blog here.


The robots.txt is a text file that instructs to search engines how to index and what to index.

Through this file, you can tell to search engines what pages you want to index. Which pages you want to keep secret and not want to index on search engines, here you will mention that sections of website and crawler will move along without indexing them.

Create Robot.txt file before search Index Search Engines index your private pages and in that case, you can face a lot of problems, your information can be steel or used by any other person.

Social Bookmarking


This is another useful method to indexed website fastly. Create website social pages and do social bookmarking of your website and you will see results in few hours. Because search engine’s crawler visits social bookmarking sites regularly and if you bookmark your blog it is easy to find your website for spiders and spiders will follow the link and crawl website quickly.

Use Ping Service

Ping service offer is also a great way to notify search Index Search Engines of your existence. This tool ping several times to search engines at once and tell about website location. You can use PrePostSEO Ping Tool for this purpose. It will help to index your website quickly and more effectively.


Getting a website indexed in search engines is very easy and simple, but this is the most important step for a successful website. Use these methods and tricks to index website fastly. Once your blog indexed, This is time to work hard and rank a website higher, But for this indexing of website is necessary. These methods will help you to index website in 48 hours. To check either website is indexed or not write in Google Search

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