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5 Ways To Index Your Website Faster (2018)

The very first thing you want to do after making your website live- you want people to find your blog or business website. First, you want Google to find your website if some users search on Google or on other Index Website Search Engines. It is not that easy or it is not that simple. Typically Google itself crawls and index websites and web pages. And it is done via Google Bots or Google crawlers. I am not saying, you should sit idle waiting for Google boots to come crawl and index the blog. I am explaining what typically happened, and how the things work.

So, now we are coming towards, the topic, to make the Google Crawlers or boot to come as fast as possible and to index the blogs.

There are some methods, some tactics if you follow this thing can happen as fast as you update your content on a website.

Further, you can read more details how the things work deep down, and how you can influence these things to get profitable results.

What does that mean by Google Indexing?

Submit URL search engines

Before we figure out the squares and the inches of how does Google boot works, we need to know what exactly Indexing of the web pages or a website is?

And what is that Google bot or Google crawlers, is this human being who is deciding about indexing and crawling?

Google bots or Google crawlers are the software, which is developed by the Google, to crawl the new links, new web pages and new content on Google.The official jobs of Google bots are to find the new web pages, analyze them, and rank them accordingly what they deserve.

Google Hummingbird is the software which controls all the ranking, indexing, crawling, de-indexing, or penalties. You can say Hummingbird as an Engine which looks up at very little software. So, Google Hummingbird also controls the Google bots. Google bots go websites to websites, and find new links and index them.So, now the step comes, how we make it possible to offer Google bots to index our website, using official and legal ways.

How to get your content discovered by Google bots

There are some ways, you need to follow in case if you want your blog or website discovered by Google bots and crawlers. These are sure-fire techniques, and you need to follow these if you want your blog indexed as fast as possible.


You need to create an XML sitemap and put it on your website for fast indexing of website’s web pages.

A sitemap is a document on your website which describes every webpage of your blog.

A sitemap will be considered as the map of the house- and the map does know where is the bedroom, Guest room, Parking place, and TV Lounge in your house.

Like the way, XML sitemap holds all the web pages of your blogs.You need to create XML sitemap and if possible you should create navigation and put that submit on there so that Google crawler gets to know about your website structure and pages.

Submit XML sitemap to Google Webmaster or Google search console

google index checker

Google search Console formally known as Google Webmaster is a sure fire way to get your website indexed. That is the first place, where you need to put the Sitemap on your website.

You need to create an account on Google search console and should submit your Sitemap in there.

If you do not know how to submit your website to Google webmaster tools, (Index Website Search Engines) you need to read in here.

  • Sign up for Google webmaster tools
  • Tap on the Optimization
  • Check the Sitemaps options and connect your website sitemap to Google webmaster tools.

Submit URLs to search engines:

Many people do not agree with that method, to submit the URLs of each post into search engines. But, there are no harms on the other side.

So, I found it very easy and working and you can do it with just a few movements of your fingers.

Simply sign into your Google account

  • And search for Submit URL to Google to submit to Google
  • And search for Submit URL to Bing to submit to Bing and Yahoo

Social Profiles

Social profiles and social presence is a great way to rank your website as well as to fast indexing of the new website. If you had already created the Social profiles, make it sure to update your website Links to these Social Profiles.

Social profiles should be included Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

Update content regularly and Index Website Search Engines.

seo content

Make it sure to update the website content regularly. All the indexing of the posts and websites are totally upon Google crawlers. And if Google crawlers crawl your website found no new stuff out there, and if it is happening again and again. Crawlers will stop coming to your blog to index your content. If you will update the content regularly, it will make the crawler to visit your blog to grab the new links and new content. If you have more blogs than you can also get content by using quality article rewriter, that can help you to create content quickly. Using those tools also disturb article grammar and structures. So you have to clean your content before you make it live.

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