What are the Advantages Of Pre-Paid Funerals?

Death is inevitable, but we cannot accept the death of our loved one and we are suffering from emotional stress when we lost someone who is closed to our family. You may have insurance for your family, and you know that such insurances can cover the family expenses after your death. But, how would you reduce the stress of your own funeral? Your family will suffer from financial and mental stress after you passed away. There are multiple options such as funeral insurance, funeral bonds, and pre-paid funerals available, and you can choose anyone according to your needs.

Pre-Paid Funerals

Advantages of Pre-Paid Funerals:

A Pre-paid funeral is the best option because you cannot predict the financial market. You can go for funeral insurance, but you may not predict the financial market after 10 to 20 years, and your insurance amount will seem to be inadequate for that time. Here, you can find some benefits of pre-paid funerals:

  • You do not want your loved ones to be financially burdened and you can plan your funeral beforehand. You can ensure your funeral and your family will get coverage to arrange your funeral ceremony. But your family needs to pay extra for your funeral, and they will suffer from huge debts. To avoid such heavy burdens, you can easily hire a pre pair funeral service.

When you plan a pre-paid funeral, you can select the services and you have to pay for such services. The funeral director will provide the same service from their end. So, your family would not have to pay anything extra for your funeral.

  • You can plan your funeral in a different way. It is true that the funeral is not an enjoyable moment, but you can make it enjoyable. You can plan a BBQ party at your funeral and add a guest list of 300 people. You can tell your funeral director to arrange a party at your memorial. You can make something different, even when you not there. This will make people remember you even when you are gone.
  • If you do not want to pay a lumpsum amount at a time, then you can pay the funeral fees in some installments. There are some funeral services available that can offer finance options and you can pay for the pre-paid funeral in installments. You do not need to pay anything extra for the same and most of the funeral services provide interest-free EMI options on their packages. Make sure, you must eliminate unnecessary services from your funeral plan to save your cost.
  • It is really a daunting and time-consuming task to plan a funeral. Your family members need to make a lot of decisions after you passed away, and rushed decisions can cost them more. To reduce their financial burden and mental stress, you can go for pre-paid funeral plans. You can plan everything as per your wish and your funeral director will take the charge after you passed. Your family member can call the director and he will arrive at your doorstep to arrange your funeral.
  • For health and funeral insurance, you have to go through a health check-up. But, a pre-paid funeral does not require extensive health checks. Apart from that, you need to pay a higher premium for funeral insurance because premiums typically increase with age. But you do not need to pay anything extra for the prepaid funeral.

Pre-Paid Funerals:

You do not need to pay any taxes on your pre-paid funeral. When you prepay for your funeral, you do not need to consider your assets. You can save your family from a lot of stress by taking a pre-paid funeral plan.     

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