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What are the ways does WhatsApp helps a business to progress?

WhatsApp has emerged at a very fast pace as the instant messaging app for more than 1.6 billion users worldwide. It’s a simple, fast, and convenient app for family and friends to communicate, create groups, share media files, send and receive documents, and engage in private conversations anytime. Many global companies have started utilizing its API.

This is the reason for many organizations worldwide are excited about utilizing the WhatsApp platform for their business. By using its API, a clone app can be developed by integrating all the necessary features that reaches to many people in different parts of the world and thus results in increased customer engagements.

Primary advantages is that it allows companies to keep the information shared with their customers confidential within the messaging platform. The primary advantage over SMS is that it will provide a branded business profile rather than considering the contact information as just numeric digits. This allows clients to immediately know about the person chatting with them or providing information. It also provides reliable delivery information, providing companies the additional benefit to categorize the messages into delivered and read.

There is also a growing trend to use WhatsApp clone script for building business messaging app for enhancing sales. The companies’ support teams can answer customer questions with rich and contextual messages that will eventually keep a current customer satisfied.

There are few reasons to consider developing a WhatsApp clone app for your customer communications.

Creating superior brand connections

Maintaining a good relationship with customers are highly sought for most businesses. WhatsApp delivers on that promise by providing businesses in a secure way to communicate one-on-one with their clients. Companies can create ‘Business Profiles,’ a unique, fully-branded business identity. This allows them to provide specifics like email and contact information, social media links, company addresses, URLs, offers or any other valuable information. More importantly, the profile gives you the opportunity to promote your brand personality with every customer interaction. As all business accounts are verified, customers will be assured that it’s not a fraudster on the other end when they opt for connecting through it.

Connecting with customers in any location

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Traditional communication channels such as SMS and email are no longer solely meeting consumer’s demand. In fact, they’re being neglected in favor of more convenient solutions. Successful companies understand the need of instant messaging app in order to deliver exceptional customer experiences on all the channels their customers prefer. In fact, a study reveals that nine out of ten consumers prefer using instant messaging to communicate with businesses, and more than 60% would rather chat with customer service than speaking over the phone.

Engaging Globally

If your customers are present globally or travel globally, WhatsApp is the most preferred messaging app as it exists in 104 countries. It has the highest smartphone penetration rate of 95% in many of these countries. As it’s free for users it has become the most popular app for business and personal conversations. Its popularity is unrivaled in Latin America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. The rise of smartphones around the world has also accelerated the use of messaging apps as a preferred channel for commercial communications.

Championing two-sided conversations

The chat is a two-way communication: businesses and customers can interact with each other directly. Today’s customers need to reach out to businesses and have some real conversations and do not desire to respond to one-way messages directed at them. This is especially true in many parts of the world where two-way interactions were not possible at all due to many factors like government, poor quality of phone numbers, regulatory issues, and connectivity issues. WhatsApp addresses all these issues by being a unique app to deliver quality and reliable two-way messaging around the globe.

Messaging privately and securely

Following the ongoing in-country regulations and compliance issues is a constant and frequent struggle for multinational companies. One of the most outstanding benefits is its features like end-to-end encryption and adhering to rules protecting subscribers’ privacy. The appeal to WhatsApp users is obvious: customers always seek a familiar and secure way to connect with organizations that they’re looking to engage with. As there is a is a constant demand for businesses to remain compliant and secure by many entrepreneurs, it helps in safeguarding many companies, as well. Also with secured feature like two-factor authentication integrated into the app, entrepreneurs can assure that the users are messaging with indeed, who they really want to.

Bottom Line

The introduction of instant messaging app clone as a business tool has hugely benefited the customers and organizations. With many characteristics like extensive reach, highly engaged user base, and feature-rich communications capabilities, it has the potential to become the leading and one of the most powerful customer engagement channels in the global market. Opting for WhatsApp Clone app development can be really helpful in creating good impact on those businesses serving a global audience.

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