What to Do in the Event of a Broken Car Window?

Monitoring an impact on the windshield is a strategy to save car maintenance costs. Even if this expense is not the most significant.

You are traveling on the road while listening to your favorite music when a rock unexpectedly hits your windshield. Misfortune! This type of situation is extremely common during the thaw (though no less frustrating!).

Despite the fact that the collision generated a tiny crack that, at first view, appears to be inconsequential, this crack can develop… and lead to more severe repercussions than you would expect. Here’s what to do in this circumstance!

Estimate the Scope of the Damage

Watchword? Act swiftly! As quickly as possible, it is advised to determine if the crack is:

– a coin smaller than a dollar
– out of view
– Located further than 3 cm from the windscreen’s edge
– Outside glass only
– Single (there is only one impact) (there is only one impact)

If your circumstance appears to meet the aforementioned criteria, excellent news! This is likely a minor crack. It can be fixed rather than having to be replaced entirely. To confirm this, you should consult a knowledgeable expert.

Repair or Change the Windscreen?

Whenever it is possible, windshield repair is typically favored. It retains its initial windshield. The operation is straightforward and often quick. In contrast, the damage should always be evaluated by a specialist, since only he can determine if the windshield should be fixed or replaced.

So! Now you know what to do if an item or pebble breaks the glass on your vehicle. Contact an affordable auto glass providence ri for for more information on the coverage offered against this type of incident

And, above all else, travel with vigilance and caution!

Why is Windshield Impact Repair Necessary?

Monitoring an impact on the windshield is a strategy to save car maintenance costs. Even if this expense is not the most significant, it is one of the few levers you may manipulate to better manage your budget. Auto windshield repair is three times less expensive than replacement. This ratio increases significantly for high-end windshields, which include features that necessitate recalibration of the driver assistance system (ADAS) following glass replacement. In addition to saving money, getting your windshield repaired is a significant contribution to the environment because it eliminates 99 percent of waste.

Under What Circumstances is a Collision Repairable?

Windshields are constructed of laminated glass. A sheet of PVB, a very shock-resistant synthetic material, is sandwiched between two layers of glass. Therefore, an impact is the impact on the outer layer of glass. It is repairable if its diameter is smaller than 2 centimeters, the size of a two-euro coin. On the window, it must be more than 4cm from the edge of the windscreen and out of the driver’s line of sight. There cannot be more than three strikes on the surface of the glass. 

A few millimeters of impact quadruples the likelihood that the windshield may break, necessitating replacement. Temperature fluctuations (defrosting in cold weather, air conditioning in hot weather), shocks and vibrations associated with the covering (potholes, speed bumps) enhance the likelihood of a cracked windshield. This is the reason why there is no need to delay in beginning the repair.

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